Call for Free Quotes. If you have used this moving company in the past and you wish to share your moving experience, Write a review on Payless Moving Inc. Payless Moving Inc. They were on time, and they did what they were supposed to do.

Without any fanfare, they just did the job in very quick time. They were just It was not a big job. It was maybe an hour and a half's worth of work.

They did not have to load a truck. It was just moving items within or around our home. We had to get stuff from the first floor back up to the second and third floor. And they did a very nice job, and they were very professional. They screwed up the day so that was bad I don't wan't to give them any rating at all.

Finally when they got there the movers were fine, but like I said, they screwed up the appointment; I was scheduled for Friday at 12 and they said I was scheduled for Saturday at They ended up coming and I didn't get into my Queensland Gas Company Asx house You Pay Less Moving Company 9 o'clock that night.

So like I said, they did everything they could to fix the problem, but they screwed up in the beginning. They would probably have a 5 if they didn't screw up the date.

I ended up moving on Friday but it wasn't until late. It wasn't until 4 in the afternoon though. I've used them before, I never had a problem with them, they were quick and efficient. It was a good experience. They were wonderful. I actually would recommend them to my family and friends. They did a real good job. They came in, broke down the bedding Had everything packed that was ready to go. They did a good job putting it on their truck, making sure that nothing would get damaged.

They took it right to my new home, brought it in, set it up I had an issue with my sofa. It wouldn't fit down into the family room. The Kingsport Containers Company Makes A Single actually took it apart and Put it back together.

I thought that was outstanding I am a happy happy camper. It was great. I had a piano moved The guys picked it up on time, delivered it without problem, got it to my You Pay Less Moving Company as quick as they could Fit it into the area where it was supposed to go, no damage. I have had a very bad experience with this company. In other words, they charged me for their cigarette breaks. I could have gotten another mover for less. They moved me on October 26, and I'm still waiting for them to pay damages as they broke a glass panel in my hutch.

The only piece of furniture I asked them to be careful of was my hutch and that is where they broke one of the glass panels. I have called them a number of times and they said they would send me documents to fill out and I am still waiting for them. They said they had insurance, but have not resolved their damages at all.

I would tell anyone who is considering them to think twice before they use this mover. I would never use them again. I was satisfied with them.

Their price was reasonable. The men were prompt, they were careful with the grandfather clock. I would recommend them. I thought they were very personable, professional, detailed and efficient. They were very accommodating. I spoke to over 15 moving companies and You Pay Less Moving Company were very accommodating in terms of pick up and delivery dates.

They were very flexible. The pricing was very relative to the move. This company is the worst! They damage all of your things, especially valuable and expensive things you have acquire in life. They intentionally urinated on my new mattress, which was wrapped prior to shipment!

They rooted through my personal possessions and stole whatever they wanted from me. They also stated they would put together everything that was taken apart and they did not.

I am determine to expose these people for exactly what they are. I am forewarning you to avoid this company at all cost. Professional people would never treat their customers with criminal intent to steal, Reedy Company and destroy your personal possessions!

I'm not satisfied with the driver. Actually, there were three people, the driver was not a very nice guy. I mean, he Venues For Company Holiday Parties me when he moved the trucks to my new place, there Yorkshire Cider Company a car blocking - not blocking - close to the main building.

He was yelling, "Why didn't you reserve this parking! This is your job. I haven't moved before, this is my first time. And he was acting like he's their boss. He shouted, "Why didn't you ask me first? For me you're all movers. The other guys, Weber Grill Company were very, very good people. The price, they were the lowest.

They were the best and they gave me a good offer because they told me because they are very close to my home. They were kinda slow, but I would say that I was satisfied except for the behavior of that driver. It was very convenient for me. It was easy, about an hour and a half after I called, the mover came picked me up and he helped me get my furniture into my apartment. Our move took place between Christmas and New Years. Everything went smoothly on both the load in New Jersey and unload in South Carolina.

The guys were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and careful. Communication between Neil,the owner and Steve who drove the truck and met us in South Carolina, was excellent.

Alabama who loaded the truck was terrific and made sure all Ea Davis And Company our belongings fit perfectly and were tied down and padded which prevented any damage. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable and honest mover. It was fine. They showed up on time, everything was great, but they did break one of the glass shelves from my breakfront and I'm still waiting for them to replace it.

They were professional and very personable. They were local, I was just very pleased with them. They were on time, they were quick, they were efficient, they were helpful. They got done pretty quickly. Everything was moved fast and accurately. The price wasn't too high, so overall very happy. Everything was taken care of without any damage. Dont use this company if you want all your stuff delivered ontime and in the condition that you left it in. Not only did they lose a piece to You Pay Less Moving Company very old antique bed but they misplaced a very heavy and expensive marble dresser top and when they finally found it on another truck it was broken.

They tried to glue it yeah like that wont be noticable and when that didnt work just shrugged their shoulders and said o well. Apparently their "replacement" policy is only.

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Reputable movers will NOT demand cash or any large deposit before moving you. You generally pay upon delivery. If you pay up front, you have zero control over when you’ll see your belongings again. When you do pay, use a credit card that will help you fight any fraudulent activity. The name change…