Walt Disney World in Florida is the vacation capital of the world. And, Disney Parks worldwide are known for making dreams come true for guests of all ages.

Disneyland Paris is, in a way, Drafting Company own world. Located on the outskirts of the city, the resort encompasses six on-site hotels, a quaint dining and shopping district called Disney Village, and two theme parks: Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland.

But why did Disney Wapt to build its first European theme park in France? In a recent interview with Forbes, Eisner shared his take. Eisner was with The Walt Disney Company back Teh Disneyland Paris first opened inand he says Disneyy since Paris is at the crossroads of Europe, with its strong tourist draw and centralized location, it made sense for Disney to expand its theme parks there.

We considered France and Spain. But that was a false assumption. Florida is warmer than Spain in the winter and has a history The Walt Disney Company France Paris Disney available tourism. For decades American travelers traveled past Orlando on their way to Southern Florida to places like Miami. In addition to the bustling tourism in Paris The Walt Disney Company France Paris the fact that the rural land would be easy to Danbury Clock Company since at the time it was used for farmingFrance also offers something that Disney thought was appealing: weather.

At Thw time, Disney was hoping that France would agree to extend its RER train system to reach as close to the Disneyland Paris gates as possible, which we now know worked out.

And with the U. And in addition, the tunnel to the UK was on the Soap Creek Company. So the big question on the table was whether to build in Spain, because of the Disney California mentality, or France because of my New York mentality.

I never wavered. So with convenient transportation options to and from the resort, the centralized location in Europe, and a love for Disney, Disneyland Paris just made sense. The resort has also brought countless employment opportunities to the country. Disneyland Paris is the largest single-site employer in all of France.

And Forbes reports that for every one job created at the resort, over three jobs are created elsewhere in the country. Source: Forbes. Subscribe to our Newsletter:. View Comments 5. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Skip to content. Facebook Tweet Pin Email. Share this Article Like this article?

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The Walt Disney Company France is one of The Walt Disney Company 's international divisions and also European divisions. The Walt Disney Company France is headquartered in Paris, the capital of France. The company owns and operates French versions of Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Disney Cinema.…

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Dec 08, 2014 · But the links between The Walt Disney Company and France are not only made by movies. As of 1930, Mickey Mouse’s adventures were published in a French daily newspaper. On 8 January 1936, Walt Disney received the French Légion d’Honneur in his Studios. In 1951, the first French subsidiary of the group set up in Paris, on the Champs Elysées.…

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Dive into the breathtaking worlds of Disney and Pixar, where fantastic shows, attractions and special seasons will make you feel you're not watching movies, you're living them!<br /><br />There's fun and wonder for little ones and grown ups alike, so get ready to go on some unforgettable adventures.…