Cherone Duggan. Is employee poaching ethical? It is ethical, but it might not always be legal. The simple act of asking whether employee poaching is ethical reveals how deep into our psyches we let the animal Soliciting Employees From Another Company creep. Unlike animals, people can make choices and cannot be owned.

Even if they sign non-compete Soliciiting. Employees are independent Soliciting Employees From Another Company with autonomy, agency and personal responsibility. That makes them free to wander Soliciting Employees From Another Company to another employer whenever they want. Because the threat of losing employees keeps the labor market purring and incentivizes employers to treat and pay people well. These approaches are fraught with non-compete clause problems. Non-compete clauses are designed to stop free labor markets from becoming free-for-alls.

They encourage transparency within companies and can boost retention rates. But they may stifle wages and impact labor mobility. Regardless of their broader effects on the economy, non-compete agreements are a reality for many employees companies want to hire.

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Can my employer prohibit me from hiring away coworkers if ...

Most states allow employers to ask employees to sign nonsolicitation agreements, in which they agree that they will not solicit—actively seek to woo—their coworkers for a given period of time after leaving the company. Some states will even allow a “no hire” agreement, in which the employee agrees not to hire former coworkers, even if the employee has taken no steps to actively seek out or encourage the coworkers to leave the company.…