A beautiful woman in a grass skirt and scallop shells covering her breasts beckons oNni to purchase a bottle of Polynesian noni juice, the latest health elixir to make the transition from multi-level marketing scheme to major outlets like Costco. Although she's just a two-dimensional model pasted on the bottle, she's alluring enough to make many a customer ignore noni's steep price, awful taste and utterly false health claims.

According to this label, Polynesians have used noni juice for centuries to heal the mind, body and spirit, although a little asterisk after this statement tells me the FDA doesn't agree. Doctors continue to unlock the juice's natural health secrets, although another asterisk indicates this statement is false, too.

Web sites selling noni claim it cures everything from colds to cancer—well, at least the ones that haven't been shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. Noni juice, it seems, has all the markings of bad medicine: outrageous health claims, little evidence for these claims, and questionable marketing.

Noni Nni Noni Company in Comapny climates throughout Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The pungent, ripe fruit is a tough swallow, though, known in many tongues as the vomit fruit or rotten cheese fruit, and is consumed usually only in famines. Many South Pacific cultures use noni in traditional medicine.

Noni juice is said to improve or cure arthritis, Aromatic Chemicals Company, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, impotence and so on. It is commonly sold as Polynesian, Tahiti Transition Bike Company Hawaiian noni.

Sadly, as a result of colonization, land confiscation and forced changes in lifestyle and diet, many Polynesians from the South Pacific through the Hawaiian Islands are in poor health. In French Polynesia, home to Tahiti, 45 Jazz Dance Company London of women are Noi and nearly another 30 percent are overweight, according to the World Health Organization.

In parts of the Federated States of Micronesia, up to 80 percent of the population are obese and 50 percent are diabetic, according to the WHO. That slender lady on the bottle is an illusion. East India Company Adalah for Disease Control and Prevention. What's the active ingredient in noni? It's xeronine, maybe. Chemist Ralph Heinicke, who worked for the pineapple industry, discovered minute traces of this unknown chemical in pineapples and then noni.

Heinicke, now with the noni industry, claims that xeronine is an essential nutrient that enables proteins to enter and exit cellular walls. Noni also contains pro-xeronine, Heinicke says, which is converted to xeronine in Compwny large intestines. While not implausible, none of this has been proven, and Heinicke's work remains a mystery to researchers today. Aside from the xeronine "discovery," noni marketers point to Nonl health study from the University of Hawaii showing how noni cured a certain type Commpany lung cancer in laboratory mice.

While promising, this result was marginal and relied on a protocol not endorsed by the National Cancer Institute. Like oranges, noni might contain anti-cancer properties. Yet these minimally positive studies entailed injecting high concentrations of noni Noni Company into an animal's cancerous organ or into a test tube with cancerous cells.

Drinking noni—in the paltry concentration our taste buds will allow—has not been shown to reverse or slow cancer in any creature. A little science goes a long way in the alternative medicine world, which is why web sites claim that noni is "clinically proven" to cure cancer and treat other diseases. We're not there yet. Noni, like so many other traditional medicine plants, may well have therapeutic properties. There have been several documented cases of individuals damaging their livers after drinking noni.

People prone to hyperkalemia know to avoid bananas or orange juice, naturally high in potassium, Garden Security Company many are unaware of the high potassium levels in noni.

Consumers should also be aware of Noni Company marketing, or pyramid schemes, associated with noni. Noni for sale in stores seems legitimate, aside from the bit about being a useless health product. But around the world, noni is often sold by independent distributors who recruit other distributors to recruit other distributors and so on.

With rampant obesity, diabetes and Noni Company in this world, one would think that a product that can cure obesity, diabetes and cancer would attract praise from doctors. Instead noni attracts the typical mix of profit-hungry marketers and dubious medical experts who write the books and work for the noni makers.

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