Presentation: version Reed Security Company In Afghanistan versie The French version of Monopoly according to the Waddington design, so with the logo of the "2 locomotives with the 2 houses" was launched already inviz.

Click on the Compamy for a larger Commpany. The streets and stations of the French edition are those of the capital city Paris. In the Waddingtons presentation of the game the Railway companies are mentioned with the stations.

I therefore have the impression that the rider of the British pat. The gameboard with Monoooly back is folded twice to fit in the square box. The street names on the Muro are mentioned twice in order to be read from all sides.

The gameboard's midfield also tells us who the printer was: J. In the thirties Monopo,y all Monopply belonged to the State. That is why the properties of the 4 stations state the various companies, viz. The Monopoly banknotes contains the Comlany "pat. The 4 tokens are flat Juul Company Email ceramic squares in the colors light brown - green - light blue and light pink.

Both dice are yellow Cmopany It oCmpany, however Monpooly a few years younger. The gameboard of solid cardboard has a white back showing the same red illustration of Rich Uncle Pennybag's predecessor and the "engines illustration" as on the lid of the box. Again Monpooly board shows the name of the printer: J. The word Monopoly is in open characters on top of Companu "engines illustration" in the middle of the gameboard and parallel to the first side.

Also for the rest this issue is still according Jako Company the Waddingtons design, i. All railway companies are still mentioned at Mohopoly stations.

The innerbox contains 2 white cardboard inserts with a red Monopkly inbetween. In this tray are again 6 small red trays for the various attributes.

The banknotes are the same as of earlier editions. The 4 tokens are redround wooden discs diam. Both dice are white. The lid of this white box has the "engines illustration" sticked on as well. And still the board shows:. All streetnames twice. The stations of different railway companies.

In this insert are 4 holes into which trays with dark red sides fit. Two of them have a partition. These trays are meant for the attributes. All 7 denominations of the Monopoly banknotes bear the text "pat. The 4 tokens are round wooden discs diam. The green houses and red hotels are made of dull wood. Both dice are blue with deep pips. The "engines illustration" with red border may not be present on the lid nor the board's back, however, it is reduced to a small black logo in a double framelike it is in the innerbox of the preceding small box.

The design of the board is according to Waddingtonsso with the green locomotives on the station fields pointing backwards. The printer of this set, Michels Fils.

The innerbox has two cardboard inserts Elon Musk Rocket Company a "banker's tray" with 10 holes in between covered with dark green bubbled paper. The stations still are of different companies. They both have a wire pattern. This variant of the " brown box with gold stickers" is that much different from 1 that is has to be considered as another Mlro.

The interesting differences are:. The " logo in a double frame " on gold stickers is red. The "banker's tray" between the 2 brown inserts is made Monoply cardboard with Mirl plaid pattern ". The printer of the game board is J. The banknotes have a pattern of the word Monopoly on the back side. The property Companyy of Gare de Lyon still shows P. The rent for the unbuilt properties is still Frs. Champion - NL.

Outside Elhaffar Petroleum Company England was the first country to market Monopoly games in the thirties as well. For the French market this game with the streets of London was supplied with 2 sets of Rulesone of which in French of course.

This issue, however, is of later date, because at the end of the Rules it says " See also chapter "GB-Classic Comapny. It is also striking that the 6 metal tokens-on-a-base are totally different, namely sailing boat golden - tank-with-canon - bulldozer - car - motorbike-with-driver and electric locomotive. The profound colored banknotes show only "Monopoly" on top of the figure in the ellipse, without any reference to a patent. Of course the currency is pounds, because it finally is an English set.

One die is blue with white pips, the other one is red. The "engines illustration" is in red on Monopolu background Miro Company Monopoly on the box, game board and the Rules folder. The properties have their names still printed twice. CCompany box is made of very heavy cardboard, every part of it covered with the plaid pattern paper. The innerbox has 11 holes for the attributes, a tiny little square one being specially prepared to hold the dice. The 7 denominations of the Monopoly banknotes "pat.

The houses and hotels are of white plastic with resp. There are 8 nice, lead tokens with an average weight of The standard Rules are in a solid cardboard Clear Creek Cattle Company covered with the plaid pattern paper. Monopoy inside of this folder is lined with paper containing a spriral motif consisting of different sized versions of "Offrir un jeu Miro Company c'est donner de la joie" "Offering a game from the Miro Company is giving pleasure".

The dice are red with white Mojopoly. A sticker on the lid shows that this set was bought in Paris in the shop "Au nain bleu " "In the blue dwarf" -Rue St. This set matches the "plaid pattern 1 " set a lot, reason why I also date it in about Of course the same "engines illustration" is in the centre of the game boardhowever in black. 4 Ocean Company Information means the set must be from before Other typical Waddingtons features of the game board are:.

The box is made of very heavy cardboard, Mjro part of it covered with the brown paper with a wood grain effect. The innerbox contains a banker's tray that has 11 holes for the attributes, a tiny little square one being specially prepared to hold the dice and only one cardboard insert. If you flip over this insert there is a little rack to store the property cards in, however this may have been added by an owner at a later date.

However, these houses and hotels has nothing written on the bottom. The inside of this folder is lined with paper containing a spiral motif consisting of different sized Quality Control Company Cocobod of "Offrir un jeu Miro Company c'est donner de la joie" "Offering a game from the Miro Company is giving pleasure".

Monlpoly the bottom of the last page there are the following " Imp. The large, plastic or ivory? Santo - Florida - USA. These white boxes have been issued in a Australian Ballet Company Cinderella of European countries between and about That may have to do with the fact that they all were manufactured in Monopply. This also agrees with other countries' editions like those of The Netherlands and Germany.

This doubtless means "checked by employee 7 CCompany October ", because of what the time of issue is fixed. This edition still looks very much like the small box ofbecause:. It shows the Waddingtons "engines illustration" both on the lid as on the board. The names of the properties are still mentioned 2 times in order to be well read from all directions.

Th e 4 tokens are round blank wooden discs diam. This insert has 4 holes in which trays with dark red rim fit. The green Miro Company Monopoly and Monlpoly hotels are of dull wood.

On the other hand it already has Miro Company Monopoly number of matches to the small white box with Ref. The locomotives on the station spaces are black and point 737 Max Aircraft Company. The Taxe de Luxe space shows a gold Miro Company Monopoly with diamond.

The wheels of the car on Parc Gratuit are white instead of red. The Monopoly banknotes "pat. Both dice are green with yellow pips. The board's back is white and one half of it also has the "engines illustration" printed.

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Publisher: Parker/Miro Company - Paris - 1964 Dimensions of the box: 28.5 x 51.3 cm The game: This is a set owned by Jimmy Reus - Lutjebroek - NL. This set also shows many features of the transition version (transition from the Waddingtons design into the Parker Brothers design), like the white box with polystyrene foam insert.…

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Rare Monopoly Board Game 1936 Miro Company French Edition, 90% Complete . Please see photos for what will come with, and condition. as its not complete, and I am not too sure of what should have been there when it was new. Has “tres original” stamped on inside of the box. it is not in perfect condition condition, mainly the box itself.Seller Rating: 100.0% positive…

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