Our SBS server's internal website was working perfectly fine the other day. What would be causing this? Thus, suggest you check DNS to ensure you have a record in there companyweb pointing to IP address of the server.

In SharePoint central admin select the Alternate Access Mappings and ensure companyweb is listed there. Also check that the. NET framnework hasn't flipped to version 4 for some reason it should be version 2. Robert Crane www. Thanks Robert Crane www. I tried rebooting the server. Ensure that all the web sites are started and the Application pools are also running. I did Http Companyweb Default Aspx but unfortunatly, it still shows the IIS start page. The fix my network wizard didn't fix it.

I'm wondering if this issue goes with another issue we are having with the Internal Website. In remote web access, we are unable to access the Internal Website Webpage is not Available. I checked the firewall Ted And Company everything and have no idea how we have both of these issues.

OK, that sounds like it is an issue not specific to SharePoint. If the Fix my network wizards doesn't work then you are Turtle 23 Company Limited to have to dig deeper into the logs. If it is happening only on the server then not such an issue I suppose but it sounds like a security issue potentially.

Maybe something to do with the certificiate? There is also the option to disable the loopback connector in SBS that may help although that will require a reboot.

Apart from that you may have to give MS a call. Sorry, can't think of anything else off the top of my head. No problem. I was hoping to fix the issue without calling Microsoft's wonderful customer support. But you did help me realize that the issue is just server side which is just fine.

This is a larger problem I am still looking for an answer a week later after a MS update Sharepoint and CompanyWeb are Http Companyweb Default Aspx broken and nothing I have found has been helpful Lots of articales no solutions. I have the exact same problem. Everything was working fine and my SSL certificate is configured correctly.

I could connect to companyweb and OWA fine from the server and remotely. The problem appeared once I ran the Sharepoint Configuration Wizard. The web sites are still accessible internally - though I now get a certificate error and there is a significant delay in opening the page.

Externally though, I am unable to access the Http Companyweb Default Aspx site through firefox ssl issue and I can only access the site through IE8 after accepting the certificate which was not the case prior to using the sharepoint set up wizard.

The problem seems to be with the change to port I have bad news for you. Don't Yellow Checker Cab Company it. I suggest you run the 'Fix my network wizard' in the SBS console and see if that helps as a starting point. Any other ideas apart from what I've tried? Robert www. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks.

Best Answer. Do you get this issue on teh workstation and server? Popular Topics in Microsoft SharePoint. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system Http Companyweb Default Aspx is turned off?

I'd suggest a reboot or an IIS restart at teh very least. You may also want to try the 'fix my network wizard" in SBS. There is a record in DNS. All the correct Alternate Access Mappings are there. Bindings are correct and. NET Http Companyweb Default Aspx Version is 2. And, I only get this issue on the Server itself.

What trying the connect to Internet Wizard? Have a great day, Andrew. This is a larger problem I am still looking for an answer a week later after a MS update Sharepoint and CompanyWeb are both broken and nothing I have found has been helpful Lots of articales no solutions Did a gsearch on "Companyweb gone after update".

Hi, I Http Companyweb Default Aspx the exact same problem. If anyone has any updates on this issue I'd appreciate the knowledge! Thanks Robert. There is no simple answer that I can really point you at. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Read these next

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