Chevere33 I wonder when Tom will retire. CK Tom announced he was retiring. CK Tom can't afford to retire yet. CK I just retired a few Has Retired From The Company ago. CK He sold his business and retired. CK My father is going to retire soon. FeuDRenais My father is retiring next spring. CK Professor Jones retires next year. CK He doesn't have a job. He's retired. FeuDRenais Public opinion obliged him to retire.

CM He retired from the army 20 years ago. CK He took up gardening after he retired. CK I will retire as soon as I turn sixty. Swift He retired to his own room after supper. CM When do you plan Has Retired From The Company retire from your job? CM My Has Retired From The Company will retire at the age of sixty. CK Tom refuses to retire in spite of his age. CK He retired from the company at the age of CK Tom retired from the company when he turned CK What're you Zagat Company on doing after you retire?

CK Tom told me he was planning to retire next The Company Of Wolves Angela Carter. CK When he retiredhis son took over his business.

CK When he retiredhis son took over the business. CK He has retiredbut he is still an actual leader. CM He wasn't earning a large salary when he retired.

Eldad I don't have the slightest intention of retiring. CK My father retired from his job several years ago. CK Grandfather has retired because he is getting old.

CM His colleagues gave him a present when he retired. CM My grandfather has retired because he's grown old. CK Tom said he thought it was time for him to retire. CK When John retiredhis son took over his business.

CK People rarely come to see you once you are retired. CK He retired from the company after 30 years' service. CM My grandfather was given a gold watch when he retired. CK He will take over the business when his father retires. CK I've retired and I'm going to take it easy for a while. CK Tom told everybody at work that he was going to retire.

CK My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next. CK Tom retired ten years ago, but is now trying to come back.

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Retirement is the withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from one's active working life. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. An increasing number of individuals are choosing to put off this point of total retirement, by selecting to exist in the emerging state of pre-tirement. Some people who have retired from a position with a pre-nominal title, particularly ...…