Author: Taylor Hawkes. After I got so much positive feedback from my last years reviews I decided to take another swing at bat and write new web hosting reviews for I'm hoping to put my otherwise useless knowledge of the web hosting industry to work by helping individuals and small businesses find web hosting providers that meet their needs.

If you have any questions please reach out to me directly at thawkes woodstitch. I love getting feedback as it helps me stay in tune with questions people have when looking for web hosting.

Also, if you find my reviews helpful please tweet or share this page. I spend a lot of time and work very hard putting together and keeping my reviews up to date, relevant, unbiased and accurate as possible. HostGator offers the best all around shared web hosting in You need to know: 1.

Where to start and what type of web hosting you need. You need Linux shared web hosting. How to develop a website - knowing your options. If your building your own site use Wordpress and select a good theme buying a professional theme is usually worth it.

Page loading speed and price are the two biggest things you should focus on. What to watch our for. The gotcha's of web hosting Watch out for low initial prices and "add ons" usually in the form of traffic builders, SEO or site security.

Unless you know otherwise you need shared Linux hosting. Websites must be hosted on a computer somewhere, web hosting is simply the computer that holds all your websites files usually html files. Shared web hosting simply means that you share a physical computer AKA web server with others in order to reduce cost. Shared web hosting is generally contrasted with dedicated web hosting which means you get a entire computer to yourself.

To summarize all that: unless you know otherwise you need shared hosting. Generally speaking Best Hosting Company 2014 will buy a domain name when you sign up for webhosting. You can always hire a web development company or a freelancer usually much cheaper to build your website. FYI: If you do decide to hire a web development firm, I would still recommend getting your own hosting and having them upload the website files to your hosting account, this keeps you in complete control of your website.

If you are building Irvine Company Los Angeles own website there are plenty of tools to help you get a good site up and running even without having too much technical knowledge.

There are two basic approaches, you can either: build your website on a website builder or use a popular content management system. You can select from hundreds of free themes site designs or purchase a theme usually for pretty cheapand build really powerful websites that lend themselves really well to getting website traffic. Wordpress has a huge community of developers who are always building plugins for pretty much every feature you could ask for in a website. Website builders often restrict you to a very commonly used theme, meaning your website looks like thousands of other sites.

Wordpress has tons of features that allow you to distribute your content through various channels, website builders have none of these. They are generally built around the idea of having website pages. Operating System: Get Linux - it is the de-facto standard for web hosting.

If for some reason you do have to use Windows hosting I would recommend GoDaddy as they continually offer the best windows hosting at the lowest prices. Every hosting provider offers a slightly different user interface for managing all of your hosting features - see videos in this table. SSH Access - this feature gives programmers a great deal of control over the web server requires technical know-how.

Various add on features: Whenever you checkout look for extra little packages that are being automatically added to your order, and remove them. None of the big 6 companies I review have unreasonable caps on functionality, but watch out for these limitations if you are going with another provider. CMS branded hosting providers I know I know, you want to find the best wordpress hosting provider, but guess what: all hosting providers offer one click wordpress installs.

I can get real technical on why one host is not a better Wordpress host than another, but just take my word for it. If wordpress loading speed is an issue for you get a Wordpress cache plugin to help speed up your site - I built a really light weight one here or you can use use a different one.

In HostGator gets number 1 overall out of the big six hosting companies. HostGator was acquired by EIG who also owns Bluehost and iPage inthis made Best Hosting Company 2014 worry about their server quality as EIG has a bad habit of running lots of websites on one server. Fortunately this acquisition strengthened HostGator rather than weaken them.

They simply offer too many features and well rounded solutions to not be ranked first. After going off the grid for a couple years iPage amped up their web hosting services and hit the market hard in and has since become one of the top hosting providers in the world. Overall iPage is probably the best hosting provider for websites built by individuals such as: bloggers, actors, musicians, students, authors, photographers etc… Bottom line is they have a really easy to use website management interface that includes website builders and one click CMS installs.

This is really important for sites built on top of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or other Content Management systems. There is of course a direct downside to not offering dedicated IP addresses. The only exception to this is a SSL certification allows for checkout on your websiteand iPage does offer this feature.

Because your average website is Hilmar Cheese Company going to need a dedicated IP address, but will need to be fast iPage is probably the best option for the vast majority of websites built by individuals.

I rank the overall iPage user interface number 2 just behind Bluehost, it is really intuitive and includes: domain management, FTP account management, email management, database management and a bunch of other management tools. Pricing is a bit funny with iPage, in some ways I find their pricing method duplicitous, but on the flip side you can get a REALLY good deal on hosting for a few years. I am not a fan of switching hosting providers, in theory it is a simple process, but in reality there are all sorts of issues you are going to run into if you try to switch hosting providers.

Bluehost is just a little too slow, they rank last in speed out of the big six web hosting companies. Besides speed they do everything else just right. Tay's Opinion Godaddy did a degree flip this year, bringing them from very bottom of my list to right in the mix. Maybe it was me, maybe it was others, maybe it was their risque super bowl commercial, but for whatever the reason GoDaddy has taken their company in an entirely new direction.

I am actually quite impressed at how such a big company was able to overhaul their interface and software systems so drastically in the past 8 months. Last year I pointed out a few big issue I had with GoDaddy all of which they have addressed. They were not using cPanel which is the industry standard for managing your hosting account - they are now using cPanel.

They used to have a really annoying login system just to get in and manage your website, they have fixed the login system and it now works much better. Their general interface for managing everything was really bad, but is now much Red Rose Tea Company to use.

The one other thing they changed is they took down all the hot girls from their website. What is up with that? I didn't ask for that. GoDaddy has always been known for selling domains, they are the biggest registrar in the world for a reason - they are really good at it.

I have always recommend GoDaddy for those buying or selling lots of domain names, but until now they have been at the bottom of my list for web hosting. After all their improvements I actually will recommend their web hosting in some situations: Those looking for windows web hostingI have said this before: Godaddy is simply the best hosting provider when it comes to windows web hosting.

GoDaddy offers the best reseller hosting packages that include WHM which lets you set your clients up with their own cPanel. For those looking for a website builder GoDaddy has the best one out there. Both of these website builders allow you to select a theme and then create your website using a drag and drop interface.

They also recently purchased template monster, so hopefully we will see an even bigger expansion of themes on their website builder. One and one has been around for a while but Thompson Moving Company not really start gaining a big presence in the hosting industry until a few years ago.

They really market their website builder software and this is usually how they get people to start hosting with them. They do have a pretty big share of the web hosting market, however I believe this is due to their good advertising rather than a good product.

Their basic plan includes a website builder that limits your website to ten pages; this is the kind of thing I would expect to be free or maybe pay about a dollar a month for - it is not a web hosting plan. First of all just purchasing hosting from them is a hassle. Besides forcing you to become a yahoo mail user, they also have a really bad interface for managing your website.

Yahoo has always struggled at building easy to use software interfaces, but they especially butchered their web hosting control panel. This is a little technical, but basically you will need some level of access to server setting when setting up a website.

Yahoo gives you no control over these setting which differs from the other big 5 provides who at least give you some control over PHP, Mysql, Apache and server setting. All in all besides speed, Yahoo web hosting ranks really poorly in all aspects. Author: Taylor Hawkes Updated: May 6, Tay's Opinion HostGator is the clear choice for businesses in need of web hosting, their flexibility also makes them the best option for those unsure of exactly what they need.

Overview Owner: You Work For An International Company. Difficult to manage multiple domains Poor user interface Lack of "freebies" Technical support for professional tier hosting.

Tay's Opinion iPage is best web hosting option for individuals needing smaller websites or blogs. Web Servers not very fast Bluehost itself not too cheap, see Justhost for better prices same company. Overview Owner: GoDaddy. Overview Owner: United Internet.

No Cpanel Lack of functionality Bad control panel interface No one click installs Too many advertisements. Overview Owner: Yahoo.

Expensive Cheapest plan is not web hosting, bust just a website builder Bad user interface Difficult to buy web hosting. AVG 0. Visit Site. AVG 1.

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