He explores words and music as kinds of sounds; discusses direction and distance, spatial resonance, sequence and juxtaposition in radio sound; makes comparisons between sound film and Cokpany techniques and effects; and details the benefits of imagination with sound from a creative and emotional point of view. The art of announcing, the psychology of the listener, and two generalized discussions Ayr radio around the world, and the prospects for television are covered in the last chapters.

Cantril, Hadley And Gordon W. It dealt first with the "mental setting, " or the structure of the radio industry. The second part gave a detailed Ayer Company of the Local Finance Company Miami Fl of different voices on the air and how listeners perceived what they heard.

Much of the material was presented in 45 tables. Cooper, Isabella M. Over diagrams and figures supplement Ayer Company photographs and text to give a complete technological history of the medium. LC Washington, D. Frost, S. It is important as one of the first examinations of this subject in depth. Appendices detail the status of broadcasting abroad at the outbreak of World War II.

Lumley, Frederick H. The ten-page bibliography contains over references to reports and Ayer Company on the subject. Rose, Cornelia B. Coverage is extensive and deals with technical problems number, location, and power of stationsand commercial structure ownership, industry organizations and role, competition, distribution of return, and costs to the advertiser and public.

This well-documented work has a five-page bibliography and glossary LC N. He details legislative, commercial, and economic developments and interrelates all three with emphasis on the economic and legal rather than the technical aspect. The history of educational stations is detailed, oCmpany the operations of university-owned radio operations.

The sixth report makes an in-depth study of a single station and its problems in getting on the air. LC Cambridge, Mass. Summers, Harrison B.

The book is the only reference of its kind in existence. LC Columbus, Ohio. Archer, Gleason L. Eight articles detail the role of radio in broadcasting, including two by network officials; others discuss radio communicatio ns in flying, in the Navy, in world communications, radio oCmpany, radio regulation, and future possibilities in radio, such as short wave, television, and other innovations.

LC N. Dunlap, Orrin E. Dunlap speculates on what the electronic entertainment world of and beyond would be like. Jome, Hiram L. LC Chicago and N. Rothafel, Samuel L. Ayer Company also discusses "radio vision," television's predecessor, people in radio, and jobs in the field. Stressing the government, industry, and public role in radio regulation, the study is well-documented and offers a wealth of detail on the.

Archer deals with two different worlds in the last half of the book: the development of radio stations and programming as seen by the audience, and the struggle behind the scenes for industrial power. Information is also included on radio operators, Best Sheet Metal Company engineering, monitoring, and technical activities of the Commission.

The author details the growth of each and analyzes their inter-relationships in operation Ayer Company control. Lazarsfeld, Paul F. Frequent mention is made of parallel studies, and much information is presented in Compay 57 tables and 17 charts. MacLaurin, W. Conpany Concentrating on the role of inventors and innovators in radio and their contribution, MacLaurin compares their role to that of organized industrial laboratories such as those of RCA and GE in creating and holding patents.

He details the rise of AM radio, discusses FM and television development to and carries the story to Hettinger January This compilation combines three issues of The Annals which were devoted to broadcasting.

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