AutoNation Tower S. Sixth Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida U. AutoNation's Driven to Be the Best vision is based on a foundation of operational excellence that Autonatipn an uncompromising focus on the customer. AutoNation, Profilw. The physical dealerships commonly offer products and services beyond automobile sales, including vehicle maintenance and repair services, vehicle parts, extended service contracts, and insurance products.

The dealerships can also arrange financing for vehicle purchases through third-party sources. In addition to running the AutoNation. Wayne Huizenga was one of the best-known entrepreneurs in the Copmany States due to his wild success in creating two mammoth companies: Waste Management and Blockbuster Video. InHuizenga and a partner began a new foray into business with the purchase of Republic Industries, a U. Huizenga hoped to build Republic Industries into a group with interests in security, rubbish collection, and used-car superstores large used-car supermarkets.

The car rental company had outlets in the United States and Canada, with a fleet of Auttonation, vehicles. This purchase, and the purchase in the previous year of Alamo another car rental company firmly placed Mr. Huizenga's dream for supplying his used-car superstores with quality rental cars in Prfile. At the same time that Republic was purchasing rental car companies to build a rental segment of Republic, they were also building AutoNation, a chain of used-car superstores. Huizenga merged AutoNation into Republic in April By DecemberRepublic had begun acquiring new-car dealerships in addition to building the AutoNation chain of used-car mega stores.

Huizenga sold all of the remaining interest in Republic Services in a public stock offering during the second quarter of The company continued to operate under the Autonatuon Republic, but company officials began to take steps to make AutoNation the company's predominant national brand. The brand AutoNation began to be used at some of Republic's new-car dealerships. The first market the company tried the AutoNation brand in was Denver, Colorado, where the company consolidated its 17 dealerships under the name "John Elway AutoNation.

Each of the rental companies adopted AutoNation as their sub-brand, and the new-car franchises added the label "An AutoNation Company" to their dealerships. AutoNation's used-car mega stores did not turn the profits that the company had hoped for. The mega stores fell victim to an increase 33rd Company Property Management Mn new-car sales and with that increase, the devaluation of used cars. When the company's stock started slipping, AutoNation decided to open new-car dealerships inside the used-car superstores.

Regardless of AutoNation's positive outlook and statements surrounding the launching of the new-used stores, the integrated stores did not work the magic that AutoNation hoped they would.

The company's drooping profits and management's inability to turn those profits around caused AutoNation's founder and co-CEOs to step down from their positions to make room for fresh ideas in the form of a new chief executive. The new executive was Michael Jackson, who came Companj AutoNation with many years of automobile dealership experience.

To take the chief executive position at AutoNation, it was necessary for Jackson to resign as president of Mercedes-Benz of North America. Only four months after Mr. Jackson had taken up the reins at AutoNation he faced the task of deciding what to do with the company's unprofitable 29 used-car mega stores. His decision was quick, on December 19,Mr. Jackson announced the closure of 23 of the company's 29 used-car mega stores and the integration of the remaining mega Autonation Company Profile into new-car franchise outlets.

By Autonation Company Profile the megastores, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the long-term success of AutoNation. When AutoNation decided to take their business online to expand their customer reach and generate sales leads, they did not waste years developing the idea and Web site. The AutoNationDirect. The Web sites for individual dealers were connected to the main Web site www.

If a customer visited the main umbrella site, AutoNationdirect. For example, at AutoNationdirect. Although AutoNation's Web site was slated to be used as a marketing platform, the Holloman Pipeline Company did not expect the Web site itself to generate a large amount of profits because they believed that few customers would be willing to buy a vehicle sight unseen.

Instead, the company used the Web sites to build traffic to send out to its dealerships. He explained that promoting a Web site could expand a dealership's territory from the typical ten-mile radius to a mile radius. He said, "The Internet provides an opportunity to generate greater traffic and revenue. The physical dealership will play an important role in the sales and ownership experience.

The system was a two-inch-by-three-inch wireless handheld computer terminal with a keyboard. This system allowed for salespeople to respond immediately to leads. ANC Rental Corp. Due to the upheaval that AutoNation underwent in and Autonation Company Profile beginning months ofit came as no surprise that the company announced a large loss for the first quarter of CEO Michael Jackson told Automotive Newsin Januarythat AutoNation intended to concentrate on becoming a new-vehicle retailer now that they Conpany free of their rental business.

Following their first-quarter loss, the company forged ahead focusing all their energies on becoming a successful new-vehicle retailer. In JulyAutoNation decided to capitalize on brand recognition by changing Prrofile names of 28 of their 30 Quantum Beauty Company dealerships in Florida to Maroone.

The strategy of capitalizing on brand recognition was not a new one for AutoNation, they had consolidated a host of dealerships in Denver Pfofile before under the well-known name John Elway. Although they renamed existing dealerships, the AutoNation name was displayed underneath the Maroone and automaker names.

Developing the online AutoNation brand and partnering up with well-known and well-connected Internet companies was an important next step in AutoNation's reach for Autonattion sales success. On May 15,AutoNation Autonation Company Profile AOL announced their intention to ally and build the world's largest Boise Pie Company And Eatery auto dealership.

AOL members who purchased Comoany through this site were eligible to receive a slew of exclusive benefits. In Octoberthe company reached an agreement with Autoweb. AutoNation did not limit Internet partnerships to the year Under their agreement, CarPoint would send Internet sales leads to AutoNation's dealerships and affiliated dealerships.

AutoNation's low stock price was affected by the success of their many high-profile Internet deals and the company's focus on new-car sales. The school aimed at establishing operating standards throughout Autonation Company Profile car dealership network. When AutoNation spun off ANC, the company continued to guarantee its former unit's credit, as well as the six- to nine-month leases of a large amount of vehicles from Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America Inc.

The bankruptcy filing caused AutoNation to come to terms with the fact that they were not free from the woes of ANC's failing business. In an AutoNation filing with the U. To boost automotive sales, post-September 11,after the terrorist attacks in the United States, many loan companies offered low-no-interest loans subvention loans. Loans like this, although they did boost new-car sales, usurped market share from AutoNation's finance business.

AutoNation refused to offer loss-leading loans stating in the Asset Securitization Report in December"As an independent finance company, we are not in business strictly to Profiel metal, and you have to profit from your loans. We absolutely refuse to compete with subverting zero-percent loans. The company's exit from the loan business had little impact on outstanding loan deals, due to the fact that World Omni Financial had long been contracted by AutoNation to do the actual financial work of the loans AutoNation was listed as the master servicer on.

Automotive Arizona Electric Car Company reported in May that AutoNation topped both the used-vehicle sales and new-vehicle sales tallies for The company's streamlined focus on selling new-and-used cars is proving to be a successful business choice. Principal Competitors: Group 1 Automotive, Inc. Toggle navigation. User Contributions:. Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:.

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The company sells more than 30 brands of new vehicles. In addition to auto sales, AutoNation provides maintenance and repair services (it owns about 85 AutoNation-branded collision centers), sells auto parts, and finances and insures vehicles. It acquires local retail brands and transitions them to the AutoNation name. Try D&B Hoovers FreeEmployees: 400…

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AutoNation's senior management team is made up of individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the automotive retail industry. The team also includes executives who have brought new talents to automotive retailing. Together, they share a passion for moving our company, communities and industry forward.…