The audit process is designed as a service to you that guarantees you only pay the premium that you owe. The primary purpose of a premium audit is to calculate your final insurance premium. When your policy was issued, the premium was an estimate of an exposure basis Audit Checklist For Life Insurance Company payroll or sales multiplied by a rate.

The rate used is determined by how the exposure base is classified. The audit will examine your records to establish the actual exposure basis and make sure that the correct classification codes and rates are used in determining your final premium.

By auditing these policies, we can make sure that your business pays American Zurich Insurance Company Builders Risk correct premium. Typically, information from the audit will generate either a bill or a refund. In addition, the premium audit can provide valuable information about your business operations. Physical Audit A physical audit is an on-site review of your business records by an auditor.

You will be asked to include supporting records, such as copies of tax reports. You may also Yellow Cab Company the option to complete your audit online. Preliminary Audit for Assigned Risk Pool Policies At the beginning of your policy term, the auditor will review a representative period in order to project the premium for the full policy term.

Listed below is typical information an auditor may request at the time of audit. If there are multiple companies or multiple entities insured under one policy, the auditor will request this information for each company or entity. Payroll includes, but is not limited to: hourly and salaried payroll, bonuses, holiday pay, sick pay, vacation pay, commissions, piece work and profit sharing. Also included in the payroll premium base are meals and housing provided for employees, allowances for hand tools, expense allowances not based on receipts, and amounts used to reduce taxable wages such as cafeteria plans and deferred compensation plans.

Payroll excludes tips, overtime premium, severance pay not accumulated vacation or sick pay paid outexpense reimbursements based on receipts, third-party sick pay, excess life insurance, personal use of a company auto and certain company perks such as incentive vacations, club memberships or tickets to entertainment events.

Gross sales include, but are not limited to, total Audit Checklist For Life Insurance Company charged for all goods and products sold and services performed.

Subcontractors You must obtain Workers Compensation and General Liability certificates of insurance for all subcontractors hired. If the subcontractor does not provide you with a certificate of insurance, they will be treated as your employee and a premium will be charged for them.

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