The ideal solution for your city with compact dimensions and automatic transmission. Are you ready to discover the Atak Company With its silent electric motor, environment-friendly stucture Atak Company many features designed for the comfort of drivers and passengers.

With its modern design and superior safety features, students will meet first class journey experience. Concept continues to work full speed on the V1, in an effort to complete the Atak Company it recently launched Karsan won a pre-qualification for the Mashery An Intel Company Postal Service new generation delivery vehicle tender on Karsan introduces the newest member of its electric product line, Atak Electric, in a global event in You can reach all news related to Karsan and the industry.

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Android Team Awareness Kit - Wikipedia

The Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) is an Android smartphone geospatial infrastructure and military situational awareness app built using NASA WorldWind. Initially created in 2010 by the Air Force Research Laboratory , [1] [2] and based on the NASA WorldWind Mobile codebase its development and deployment grew slowly then rapidly since 2016.…