Employer Identification No. Documents Incorporated By Reference. Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders. Certain Relationships and Related Transactions. Assuranceamerica Insurance Company Atlanta Ga Accountant Fees and Services. Forward-Looking Statements. You are cautioned not to place reliance on these forward-looking statements.

In addition, you should be aware that generally accepted accounting principles prescribe when a company may reserve for particular risks, including litigation exposures. Louis, Missouri. To effect the merger, AA Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, merged with and into AssuranceAmerica Georgia for the purpose of converting the limited liability company into a corporation.

Upon conversion, the former shareholders of AssuranceAmerica Georgia held a total of 42, shares of Company Common Stock. Such conversion occurred simultaneously with the increase in the number of authorized shares of Company Common Stock. The Merger Agreement also effected a change in the executive officers of the Company and a majority change in the Board of Directors of the Company. As a result of the merger, the Company ceased its historical business in order to focus upon the insurance business of AssuranceAmerica Georgia.

We are a holding company which, through our wholly-owned insurance company, managing general agency, and retail agency network, underwrites and distributes non-standard personal automobile insurance products to individuals, primarily in the southeastern United States. Non-standard personal automobile insurance is usually provided to insureds who are unable to obtain standard insurance coverage because of their payment history, driving record, age, vehicle type, or other factors.

These policies generally require higher premiums than standard policies for comparable coverage. We began our current insurance business in through the acquisition of a series of retail insurance agencies located in Florida now known as TrustWay.

Inwe organized MGA, which initially provided all of the underwriting, claims and policyholder service functions for the Georgia. We currently have three revenue producing operating subsidiaries, the combination of which we believe is vital to generating consistent profitability throughout the insurance cycle: AAIC, MGA and TrustWay. The following chart depicts our organizational structure and principal affiliates.

We expect AAIC to begin writing business in two to four new states each year for the next several years, provided that the underwriting environment remains positive and the capital and surplus of AAIC supports such growth.

MGA provides all of the underwriting, accounting, product management, legal, policyholder administration and claims functions for AAIC and for two unaffiliated insurers that in retained a portion of the non-standard automobile insurance policies produced by MGA in Florida and Texas.

MGA receives commissions and other administrative fees from AAIC and the unaffiliated insurance companies based on the amount of gross premiums produced for each respective company. Additionally, MGA receives various fees related to insurance transactions that vary according to state insurance laws and regulations. TrustWay is comprised of 47 retail insurance agencies with 40 locations in Florida, 2 locations in Alabama and 5 locations in Georgia.

TrustWay has been appointed by four to ten may vary by state or office unaffiliated insurance carriers and AAIC, and primarily sells non-standard personal automobile insurance and related products and services. TrustWay receives commissions and various fees associated with the sale of the products and services from its appointing insurance carriers. Our primary method of advertising Upstart Crow Theatre Company TrustWay is through targeted Yellow Page advertisements.

Personal auto insurance is the largest line of property and casualty insurance in the United States. Personal auto insurance is comprised of preferred, standard and non-standard risks. Non-standard insurance is intended for drivers who, due to their driving record, age, vehicle type, payment history or other factors represent a higher than normal risk.

As a result, customers that purchase non-standard auto insurance generally pay higher premiums for similar coverage than drivers who qualify for standard or preferred policies. Our non-standard insurance products provide customers with coverage for the minimum required statutory limits for bodily injury and property damage liability arising out of the operation of a motor vehicle.

The typical purchaser of non-standard personal automobile insurance is highly sensitive to price and payment terms, but generally insensitive to insurer ratings. AAIC is not rated by A. Our insureds typically purchase insurance from AAIC or one of its competitors because of a lack of other coverage options, and will switch to a standard provider when able.

Our market has a significant Hispanic component. We have not done any targeted marketing to reach the Hispanic population, but we plan to apply resources toward this in the future. Our wholesale operations are divided into four primary functional areas: Claims, Underwriting and Customer Service, Information Technology, and Baby And Company Wheat Ridge Development and Management.

AAIC seeks to pay the claims it owes in a fast, fair manner and strives to have the lowest Wine Company Name Ideas time for non-contested claims the period of time from the initial claim report to settlement in the industry.

The non-standard personal automobile insurance market experiences a higher level of fraudulent or inflated claims than the standard or preferred market. Our Claims Division takes a hard stance on the claims AAIC does not owe and works to develop a reputation as a carrier which will aggressively fight such inflated or fraudulent claims.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Claims Division seeks the highest caliber associate, paying above prevailing market rates in order to attract and retain experienced professionals in every area of the Claims Division. All claims are assigned to experienced claims personnel and the files are directed immediately to Wildlife Trading Company adjusters to reduce cycle time.

The Claims Division is organized into four units to provide specialized file handling capability. We make an effort to keep the file pending levels for our adjusters at below industry standards to reduce errors. All adjuster authority levels are determined based on the experience of the particular adjuster. We have a formalized reserving and audit processes, conduct periodic file audits, conduct a monthly reserve reconciliation process and a complete quarterly review of every pending file.

Underwriting and Customer Service. The Underwriting and Customer Service Division services the needs of our agents and insureds. A number of the Customer Services associates are bilingual, and work predominately on a Spanish call line providing service to our Spanish-speaking agents and insureds.

We emphasize the use of automation Assuranceamerica Insurance Company Atlanta Ga possible to minimize costs. We have a phone messaging system that telephones policyholders to remind them of payments due and of pending cancellations.

We send agents copies of policyholder notices electronically instead of mailing them and agents can make payments and process their own policy changes online, reducing the time spent by customer service performing these activities. Product Development and Management. The Product Development and Management Division designs and prices each insurance product we offer, assists in the introduction of each new product to the agency force, monitors each product, and recommends rate changes, policy payment plans, new insurance coverages and variables.

This division uses our data warehouse to analyze and follow each product from the point of sale through termination and claims settlement, if any. We perform a market analysis for each new state prior to expanding operations. As part of the analysis, we review statistical studies, analyze required forms and coverages, and analyze rate and competitive environment studies.

After reviewing this data, we prioritize potential expansion states. The Information Technology Division is comprised of developers, quality assurance associates, data analysts, managers and infrastructure associates. This division is responsible for the management of the information technology functions of MGA and AAIC, and also advises TrustWay on its information technology functions.

Our primary application is our policy tracking system PTSwhich was designed for the non-standard automobile insurance industry. This software application is an end-to-end, enterprise wide, real-time, web-based policy and claims management system. By utilizing internet technologies, PTS provides a method to sell, quote, issue and manage policies from any location. PTS centralizes information and is designed to reduce workload, errors and costs associated Usrg Management Company Llc tracking and managing an insurance policy.

It allows for control of user access to the database and opens communication channels through all levels of the organization. Prior to the implementation of PTS, these tasks were performed at the back end of the transaction at our offices and mailed to the agent or customer. PTS is designed to be scalable Sizemore And Company is expected to be capable of handling millions of policies.

This allows PTS to grow as our business grows. Additional lines of insurance may be added as needed. The agreement with the vendor of this software package allows us access to the source code and the ability to develop enhancements and advance the product to meet business demands and react to changing market conditions.

We have contracted with Sunguard Availability Services for our disaster recovery services, which include critical applications, voice systems and data recovery. We reduced the number of locations over time to 26, and have since acquired several additional insurance agencies. All of the retail operations currently operate under the TrustWay brand or as a division of TrustWay and consist of 47 independent non-standard automobile insurance agencies located in Florida 40Alabama 2and Georgia 5.

TrustWay represents approximately four to ten carriers depending upon state or office. We expect to grow the number of agency locations through the opening of additional offices, selected acquisitions, and increasing the average premium volume per location through improved marketing and retention efforts. In the normal course of business, AAIC seeks to reduce its overall risk levels by obtaining reinsurance from reinsurers.

The Company periodically reviews the financial condition of its reinsurers Assuranceamerica Insurance Company Atlanta Ga minimize its exposure to losses from reinsurer insolvencies.

AAIC establishes reserves for its estimated liability for unpaid losses and loss adjustment expenses on an individual case basis for all reported incidents. The reserve includes amounts for uncollected expenses, anticipated future claim development and losses incurred but not reported based upon actuarial analysis of historical data.

The Claims Department has formalized the initial and adjustments reserving process and conducts file audits, monthly reserve reconciliation and a quarterly review of every pending file. Additionally, the reserves for loss and loss adjustment expenses are reviewed semi-annually by a consulting Any Manufacturing Company firm.

Certain employees must be licensed as insurance agents or adjusters in any state where they perform a function requiring licensure. These licenses may be of perpetual duration or renewable periodically, provided the holder continues to meet applicable regulatory requirements. The licenses govern the kinds of insurance that may be written in the issuing state and the other services that may be provided. Such licenses are normally issued only after the filing of an appropriate application and the satisfaction of prescribed criteria.

All licenses that are material to our businesses are in good standing. Insurance companies are generally subject to regulation and supervision by insurance departments of the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled or licensed to transact business. The nature and extent of such regulation and supervision varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Generally, an insurance company is subject to a higher degree of regulation and supervision in its state of domicile. State insurance departments have broad administrative power relating to licensing insurers and agents, regulating premium rates and policy forms, establishing reserve requirements, prescribing statutory accounting methods and the form and content of statutory financial reports, and regulating the type and amount of investments permitted.

Insurance departments are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that insurance companies maintain adequate capital and surplus and comply with a variety of operational standards. Insurance companies are generally required to file detailed annual and other reports with the insurance department of each jurisdiction in which they conduct business. Insurance holding company laws enacted in many jurisdictions grant to insurance authorities the power to Assuranceamerica Insurance Company Atlanta Ga acquisitions of insurers and certain other transactions and to require periodic disclosure of certain information.

These laws impose prior approval requirements for transactions between regulated insurers and their affiliates and generally regulate dividend and other distributions, including management fees, loans, and cash advances, between regulated insurers and their affiliates. Under state insolvency and guaranty laws, regulated insurers can be assessed or required to contribute to state guaranty funds to cover policyholder losses resulting from the insolvency of other insurers.

Insurers are also required by many states, as a condition of doing business in the state, to provide coverage to certain risks which are not insurable in the voluntary market.

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