Getting a job offer can be both exciting and stressful. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you understand the basics of equity like what vestingcliffs, and strike price mean so you can evaluate your offer. You should also ask a few Shraes questions to make sure you are getting a fair equity grant that represents your potential contribution to the company.

Make sure the company includes all outstanding shares including preferred stockrestricted stock, Shsres. Make sure the company has an established method for figuring out how many options to offer instead of coming up with a number willy-nilly. Ideally, the Asking For Shares In A Company maps each role to a level and a corresponding equity and salary band. No system? Then your offer might not be very fair. In other words, will Askong be able to sell shares before an exit like an IPO?

If the company intends to remain private for Askinb while, ask if they will hold tender offers opportunities for shareholders to sell shares of equity. Note: approach this topic delicately. If the company is unwilling to Ij on your equity offer and you feel it is too low, ask whether they offer equity refresh grants after a certain amount of time or in certain situations, like if you get a promotion.

A refresh grant gives you a separate set Snares options that vest over a new period of time. Our free equity calculator can FFor you understand the Gaston Fence Company financial outcome of your offer.

While the three questions we covered earlier can help you understand the basics of your offer, the answers to these questions below will help you dig into the details:.

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Jenna does content marketing at Carta. Despite working in FinTech her entire career, she has never had a La Croix. How to make sense of your equity offer Before taking the job, make sure you ask these three important equity questions: 1. Alternatively: Ask how many fully diluted outstanding shares there are and do the math to determine your percent ownership:.

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