Armstrong Hardwood Flooring, the parent company of Bruce, manufactures a rich variety of some of the finest flooring products on the market today. The company takes great pride in being ecologically responsible. Currently, a partnership with the Hardwood Forestry Fund helps reduce their environmental footprint by replenishing Armstrong Hardwood Flooring Company least as much lumber as they harvest each year. Armstrong American Scrape 5" Solid. Armstrong Artesian Hand Tooled. Armstrong Beaumont Plank Low Gloss.

Armstrong Beaumont Plank High Gloss. Armstrong Beckford Plank 3". Armstrong Beckford Plank 5". Armstrong Century Estate. Armstrong Century Farm. Armstrong Metro Classics 3". Armstrong Metro Classics 5". Armstrong Performance Plus. Armstrong Performance Plus Low Gloss. Armstrong Armstrong Hardwood Flooring Company Harvest Engineered. Armstrong Prime Harvest Low Gloss. Armstrong Prime Harvest 5" Plank.

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Hardwood species used in flooring are given a hardwood hardness rating, which indicates how resistant the wood is to dents and wear. This rating is based off a test called the Janka Hardness Test, and it measures the force needed to press a steel ball into the wood sample.…

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In 1998, Armstrong acquired Triangle Pacific Corp., a leading manufacturer of hardwood flooring and kitchen/bathroom cabinets. In 2009, Armstrong's annual net Sales Total US$2.8Billion. Armstrong Cabinets is no longer owned by Armstrong World Industries. The business was sold to American Industrial Partners on October 31, 2012.Founded: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States…