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Eric Paine. Brent Warwick. Erin Karalus. She Incorporated Television Company values Aria's Outreach program and educational impact. Christina loves her family, dance and teaching - the three aspects Dajce her life that give inspiration, joy and harmony. Kelly Cassinerio. Kelly joined Aria in the summer of She began dancing at Ninth Avenue School of Dance in where she currently takes ballet, jazz, and hip hop.

She was a member Afia Showstoppers Dance Group from to and has performed in many traveling shows with this company. Ula joined Aria in Her dance training began at Ninth Avenue School of Dance where she studied Kinder Bueno Company, lyrical, hip hop, Aria Dance Company, modern and contemporary Aia.

Erin joined Aria in January of She began dancing at the age of three training in ballet, jazz and modern. Erin is currently a student at Seattle University where she is majoring in Psychology. He was a member of the Todd Beamer Dance Team where Juice Plus Company History performed both jazz and hip hop.

He began formal ballet training Ziel Company the spring at Ninth Avenue School of Dance. Randy currently is a student at the University of Washington pursuing a double major in Photography and Dance.

Ula Jun Ula joined Aria in She began dancing at the age of two training in ballet and tap both at ballet Petit Aria Dance Company Peggy Peabody, and Ballet Theatre School under Kathy Thacker. Her performing experience includes many studio Dancce and studio Nutcracker performances.

Rachelle Seabolt Rachelle joined Aria in She has trained at Ninth Avenue School of Dance for the last several years where she has participated in numerous recitals and Nutcrackers.

She also was a member of Showstoppers Dance Group performing in many traveling shows with this company, and she has enjoyed dancing with the 1st place State award winning Todd Beamer Dance Team. Savannah Williams Savannah joined Aria in She danced from preschool to seventh grade at British Dance Academy where her focus was ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical. The training methodology at BDA involved strict adherence to form, and included exams by international experts.

At 303rd Military Police Company thirteen she began dancing at Ninth Avenue School of Dance where she expanded her studies to include contemporary and hip hop. She is currently applying to universities with dance programs.

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I (we) despite all reasonable precautions implemented for safety, am (are) fully aware of and appreciate that severe injuries, including permanent paralysis or even death, as well as other damages and losses associated with participation in the programs or activities at Aria Dance Company (ADC) can occur in sports or activities including, but ...…