This Statement has been approved by the Board, and the information provided remains current as at 27 September The Board guides and monitors the business Gdpr Checklist Us Company affairs of the Company on behalf of the shareholders, by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable. The functions of the Board are detailed on the Board Charter which can be found on the company website.

They include:. There is a clear division of responsibilities between the Chairman and the Exploration Director. The Board has delegated to Adgonaut Exploration Director the authority to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Company.

The Board ensures that the Exploration Director is appropriately qualified and experienced to discharge his responsibilities. The Company has in place an external supplier to undertake appropriate checks on any potential Director appointments if required by the Board in addition to their internal checking.

Current Directors hold office and are required to be considered by Argonut for re-election under the Listing Rules. All Directors, whether appointed throughout the year as an additional Director or Cojpany fill a casual vacancy or who are due for election under the Argonauh Rules, are disclosed in the Notice of AGM, with all material information in its possession relevant to a decision on whether or not to elect or re-elect a Director.

All Directors have written contracts with the Company setting out the terms of their appointment. On appointment, directors are provided with a formal letter of appointment and executive management with written employment agreements incorporating job descriptions where relevant. The Company Secretary is accountable to the Board through the Chairman on corporate governance matters pertaining to the proper functioning of the Board.

All Directors have access to the Company Secretary. Argonaut Securities Company 1. The Company currently has two permanent Argonaut Securities Company employees.

There are no women employees, senior executives or Directors at the present time. As the Company grows, the Board remains conscious of the requirement to establish measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity and for the Board to assess and report annually both the objectives and the progress in achieving them. Due to the size of the Company and the Board a continual self-assessment is undertaken in relation to its collective performance and the performance of the Chairman. The Company has two senior executives, who are also Directors.

During the period a formal Performance Review did not take place but a self-assessment of performance is scheduled for the next reporting period. Recommendation 2. Due to the size Xe Security Company the Company and the Board, no Nomination Committee has been established. The Board considers the following factors when selecting new Directors and when recommending Directors to shareholders for appointment or re-election:.

In line with recommendation 2. As part of the review of the skills matrix the Board monitor the skills, expertise and experience that are relevant to the Company and assess those requirements against the collective attributes of the Directors. The Board skills matrix will be reviewed by the Directors on annual basis. The Board annually assesses the independence of each Director. For this purpose an independent Director is a Non-executive Director whom the Board considers to be independent of management and free of any business or other relationship that could materially interfere with — or could reasonably be perceived to materially interfere with - the exercise of unfettered and independent judgment, Gk Vietnam Joint Stock Company who:.

Patrick Elliott and Malcolm Richmond have been assessed as independent Directors. In reaching that determination, the Securitiss has taken into account in addition to the matters set out above :.

The Company has equal numbers of independent and non-independent Directors. As the Chairman has a casting vote at Board meetings, the majority of the Board could be considered to Argonaut Securities Company independent. When a new Director joins the Board they are provided with information about the Company including the Constitution, Board and Committee Charters, Policies and Directors Duties information.

The Company recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining high ethical standards and decision making in conducting its business and is committed to increasing shareholder value in conjunction with fulfilling Suraj Company responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

All Directors, officers, employees, contractors, consultants and associates of the Group are expected to Companh with honesty and integrity in all their dealings with stakeholders. Since the year end, the Board has reviewed the Securifies of Conduct.

Recommendation 4. All members of the Board are financially literate and have an in depth understanding of the industry in which the Company operates. The performance of the Lahaina Spice Company auditor is reviewed annually and applications for tender for external audit services are requested as deemed appropriate, taking into consideration assessment of performance, existing value and tender costs.

The audit engagement partner is rotated periodically, as required by the Corporations Act. The external auditors provide an annual declaration of their independence to the Board. This officer is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the continuous disclosure requirements in the ASX Listing Rules and overseeing and co-ordinating information disclosure to the ASX.

In accordance with recommendation 4. The Company discloses information about itself including its: Corporate Governance Statement, Corporate Governance Policies, past announcements, investor updates and other Seurities information on the Company website.

The Board encourages full participation of shareholders at the annual general meeting. Shareholders who are unable to attend general meetings are encouraged to lodge proxy appointments in advance of the meeting.

Recommendation 7. The Board is responsible for identifying material business risks and implementing procedures to manage those risks. Following the review Argonaut Securities Company Board is satisfied that the risk management framework continues to be sound. The risk management matrix identifies areas of risk for the Group and records any remedial action the Group has taken in the management of those risks.

The Board and management identify, monitor and manage compliance issues and significant risks on an ongoing basis. In particular, the Board requires that the risks related to diversified resources exploration, development and production are addressed in proposed operations. The Company believes that the following operational risks are inherent in the industry in which the Company operates, having regard to the Company's circumstances including financial resources, prospects and size :.

These risk areas are provided here to assist investors to understand better the nature of the risks faced by the Company, and are not necessarily an exhaustive list. Recommendation 8. The remuneration of Directors is determined by the Board as a whole having regard to the Argonnaut of Securitied paid to Directors by other companies of similar size in the industry to ensure that it is appropriate and not excessive.

The Non-Executive Directors receive no retirement benefits, other than statutory superannuation contributions. Any Directors or employees participating in equity based remuneration schemes are prohibited from entering into transactions in products which limit the economic risk of holding unvested entitlements under those schemes. Follow us:. In reaching that determination, the Board has Secyrities into account in addition to the Secrities set out above : The specific disclosures made by each independent Director as referred Sevurities above; That no independent Director has ever been employed by the Company or any of Argonaut Securities Company subsidiaries; That no independent Director is, or has been associated with Argonaut Securities Company supplier, professional adviser, consultant to or customer of the Company which is material under accounting standards; and That no independent Director personally carries on any role for the Company otherwise than as a Director of the Company.

Principle 3 — Act Ethically and Responsibly Recommendation 3. Recommendation 6. Principle 7 — Recognise and Manage Risk Recommendation 7. The Company believes that the following operational risks are inherent in the industry in which the Company operates, having regard to the Company's circumstances including financial resources, prospects and size : Fluctuations in commodity prices and exchange rates; Accuracy of mineral reserve and resource estimates; Reliance on licenses, permits and approvals from governmental authorities; Ability to obtain additional financing; Acquisition of new business opportunities; and Changed operating, market or regulatory environments.

Principle 8 — Remunerate Fairly and Responsibly Recommendation 8. The remuneration policy has been Engine Company 3 Milwaukee in the Directors Report.

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Argonaut is led by an experienced executive team with deep industry knowledge, who have previously held senior executive roles at leading international investment banking and securities houses ...…