Y our next shopping experience could be powered by Augmented Reality AR as fashion brands gear up for a digital makeover. Hence the need for continuous innovation is crucial for the fashion businesses. Other than moving businesses online, fashion brands are constantly introducing creative and engaging ways to gain traction. From deploying predictive analytics for style trends to employing robots that sew and cut fabric, AI enhancements in the fashion industry is going beyond traditional automated tasks.

The latest is Augmented Reality AR which is deployed both in-stores and online. The scannable ads via the Gucci app are also available in 15 out of the 20 campaign illustrations in print and allow consumers to discover the campaign in AR.

To lure the millennial crowd, Zara is using AR displays in stores worldwide from April 18, The AR feature allows customers to hold their mobile phones in front of a sensor on the displayed models within the stores or designated X Ray Company Rmc windows.

Through a single click, the shoppers can instantly buy the selective looks. The feature allows for greater customer interaction through camera feeds. Using these, the surrounding is digitally recreated with Burberry-inspired paintings by artist Danny Sangra. The users can also create graffiti like doodles and share and export on social media platforms using a Burberry frame. The created AR images are downloadable and can be sent as a message. Built in collaboration with Google and startup Avametricthe app lets the user add information like weight and height to the Dressing Room, after which a 3D model appears in front of the user.

The user can see and try different looks to decide on what garments to pick before making purchases through the app. But Zoe Holding Company Reviews, the AR experience in the fashion is not limited to only clothes. Shoes, jewelry, and cosmetic brands are increasingly investing in AR.

Powered by Modiface, the mirror relies on facial recognition and maps face via live video for accurate appearance. Users then superimpose makeup products on their face for making a decision. Through face scans, the app figures out the lips and eyes and allows the user to try on different lip colors, eyeshadows, and false lash styles. In short, the quicker the fashion brands understand the need and importance of tech innovations, the easier it will be for them to make the digital shift.

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