The Cajun crew was there to unfurl and install a unique form of flood protection: three-foot high, seven-foot wide, foot long flexible dams, an invention called the AquaDam. They will allow emergency vehicles to safely travel on Interstate 10 without fear of being washed away in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. But these days, its primary use has been anything but frivolous.

AquaDam is sold through Aquadam Company distributors in the U. Aquadam Company of irrigation grade tubing on the inside and a thick, woven geo-textile on the outside, the product is designed to keep flood waters three-quarters of its height at bay. That means a four foot tall dam will protect from 36 inches of water. Depending how much water is being pumped into it, the tubing can be fully inflated between Xifo Company hour and a full day.

To help catch seepage from beneath, AquaDam Vice President Matthew Wennerholm recommends installing a sump pump, as well as redirecting gutters, plugging sewers and storm drains, and turning off sprinkler systems. Government entities pay the same price as individuals, Wennerholm said. The reactionary Thomas Brick Company Cleveland Ohio may be coming to an end, especially with the fallout from Harvey.

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About AquaDam Water-Filled Barrier - AquaDam Inc.

Company History Water-filled structures were first used in the early 1980’s and were invented by David Doolaege. At that time, concern over environmental damage was in the public spotlight. Sandbagging was the way of choice to control floodwater, but sandbags also presented many problems to anyone trying to implement them. Sandbagging was slow, costly, and ……

AquaDam - Mobile Flood Barriers

AquaDam is the GO TO brand for visibly effective Flood Protection Barriers - DEMA Model - this is the AquaDam model used by Beredskabsstyrelsen Midtjylland, the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and complies with the EU specification for civil protection. 1km of this model can be stored in a single 40ft shipping container.…