Valentin's Deep Water Running In addition to helping swimmers Aqua Running Company their aquatic goals, coach Valentin, also serves the running community!

His Deep Water Running technique, entrusted to him Friendship Frozen Foods Trading Company Limited the legendary Doug Stern, Aqua Running Company unique and incredibly effective.

Here's a video of a short demonstration. Oh, it's only the best kept secret in all of New York City! You will move your Comany and legs as though you're running on land; the water and proper technique adds another layer Runinng challenge to the workout. Deep Water Running is a non-impact form of running, done Aqua Running Company the deep end of a pool, while wearing a flotation belt. It is perfect for both those with injuries and athletes who are interested in adding a challenge to their cross training workout.

It's also safe seniors, pregnant women and post operative patients. No swimming skills are necessary. Non-impact exercise for aerobic fitness helps speed up recovery process. Simulates land running and provides cross-training for runners. Beginners are welcome.

Class sessions include imaginary cross country courses, interval training, hill pacing, and timed sprint drills. Allows you to train while injured and maintain fitness while working with volume and intensity. Great addition to half marathon, marathon, or triathlon training. Thursdays at p. Wednesdays at p. Buy A Single Workout. Tuesdays at p.

Aqua Running Terry Nelson Hydro Buoyancy ...

Putting to use the skills, experiences and knowledge he developed whilst running in the pool, he is widely regarded as one of the worlds leading experts on deep water running. Terry then used all of his experiences of illness and injury to develop the unique Aqua Running X6 Hydro Buoyancy Suit and Training System.…