The company is widely known for offering electric supply to around 1 Million clients of the Northern and Focal Arizona. Aps Arizona Public Service Electric Company is known for offering quality Aps Arizona Public Service Electric Company efficient solutions to your home.

The experts are experienced enough in serving the customers with the best resolution. Just dial the number and talk with the customer service expert today. Your email address will not be published.

Apps some odd reason, APS lacks the initiative and intelligence to correct the recurring issue that is causing all of us an extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant experience, both with our household atmosphere as well as the service of this company, Good Company Ltd rather lack there of. Bring in someone new that has workers that will fix issues and actually talk in person with their customers.

All Company Home Theatre company. Should we have that property on a different plan? I have been charged three times of what i have to pay for the last two months. Called the phone number multiple times but still no answer. And this is not the first time APS is doing with disputes over billings.

Better to shift back to my previous company. Write A Review. Make your home energy efficient APS is known for offering quality energy efficient solutions to your home.

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Arizona Public Service (APS) is the largest electric utility in Arizona, United States, and the principal subsidiary of publicly traded S&P 500 member Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, which in turn had been formerly named AZP Group, when Arizona Public Service reorganized as that holding company in 1985. With 4,000 MW of generating capacity, APS serves more than one million customers in 11 ...Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States…