Apple has purchased a New Zealand-based wireless charging company whose technology can send power to multiple devices, from headphones to remote controls, at the same time.

As appealing as that may sound for mobile devices, Apple likely hopes to use the technology for a vast array of electronics such as the Apple TV remote control or its own computer mouse — and perhaps even for industrial applications.

A prototype of PowerByProxi's wireless charging box, which can charge multiple devices at the same time. Inside the box is a remote-controlled car, a Wii Found A Company and a TV remote control, all using wirelessly chargeable AA batteries. PowerbyProxi was founded in by entrepreneur Fady Mishriki as a spin-out from the University of Auckland.

Apple Buys Wireless Charging Company Aukland-based company got its start selling large-scale systems for commercial industries such as construction, telecommunications, defense and agriculture. For example, one product is a wireless control system for wind turbines.

Apple chose 7. Apple's recently announced AirPower charging pad — slated for release in — will be able to charge up to three Qi-enabled devices, including new versions of the Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPod charging case. Similar devices are already on the market; Apple Buys Wireless Charging Company Ikea sells themalong with furniture that has wireless charging Apple Buys Wireless Charging Company embedded in it.

Ikea's wireless charger line-up includes a pad that's capable of charging three devices at once center. The Auckland company's "loosely coupled" magnetic resonant charging technology was also miniaturized and placed into AA rechargeable batteries, so there is no need to embed the technology directly into devices. Carolina Milanesi, principal analyst at Creative Strategies, believes Apple was interested in PowerByProxi because the firm's technologies allow for ubiquitous use.

I can see the opportunity there. The Qi standard supports both tightly-coupled or inductive wireless charging and loosely-coupled or resonant wireless charging, which allows an enabled mobile device to be up to 1. PowerByProxi's Proxi-Point is a wireless power transmitter capable of supplying power to one wireless battery receiver module and offers features such as foreign object detection.

PowerbyProxi has also created prototype wireless charging pads for mobile devices that enables vertical height charging of up to about one Apple Buys Wireless Charging Company a quarter inches. InPowerByProxi demonstrated a 7. Previously, PowerbyProxi's wireless charging devices offered between 3. Using the 4-in. The newer charging system is designed to deliver up to 15 watts of power to a single tablet, or multiple smartphones and phablets that are placed into an open box or bowl-like container.

The box can charge eight batteries in multiple devices at one time. They could be lithium ion or even custom batteries," Mishriki said during an earlier interview with Computerworld. Other wireless charging makers, such as Ossiahave also produced AA wirelessly rechargeable batteries.

Ossia's Cota technology uses radio frequency RF to charge devices. PowerbyProxi is a component company, so the wireless chargers it creates for demonstrations are proofs of concept. The company has partnerships with firms such as Samsung, Texas Instruments Outback Trading Company Locations and Linear who choose to build hardware based on the working prototypes.

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Vendors demo wireless charging for iPhones. PowerByProxi How wireless charging works.

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Apple buys New Zealand wireless charging company ...

Apple has decided to invest in wireless charging, after making the iPhone 8 and iPhone X its first devices to feature the technology, with the acquisition of a New Zealand-based wireless power company. PowerbyProxi , which was spun-out of the University of Auckland 10 years ago, designs and develops wireless power products for both consumers – through licensing partnerships – and direct ...…