We Make Travel Easy 1. Featured In. Plan My Trip Tell us your travel plans and preferences and we will connect you with the best Trip Planner to help find the best trip match for you! Complete this form with as much detail as possible to help us get started. Plan My Trip. Customize any aspect of your Antarctica trip. Help Me Plan My Trip. Discover Antarctica. This exciting Antarctic cruise navigates the famed Drake Passage, explores the wildlife-rich shores of the South Shetland Islands, and makes Blush Clothing Company stops along the Antarctic Peninsula.

A trip of a lifetime aboard the Ocean Endeavour, join in on this day Antarctic tour. Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Plancius. Embark on the MV Plancius for this Enforcing Company Policies expedition of Antarctica.

Anchor Antarctica Company a few amazing spots to maximize time exploring Antarctica by foot, zodiac, sea kayak ,camp and possibly even SCUBA dive on this day expedition cruise to the Antarctic. Hike near the shore or trek to hilltops for panoramic views as you view Adelie and gentoo penguin colonies. Antarctic Small Ship Expedition. Embark on this day Antarctic cruise aboard Magellan Explorer. Sail the Beagle Channel from Ushuaia and across the infamous Drake Passage to the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula where you will search for wildlife and explore the surrounding landscape.

This departure is of excellent value and is an Adventure Life exclusive package. Classic Antarctica. Explore amazing Antarctic scenery - pristine wilderness of sea, snow, ice, mountains, and an incredible abundance of wildlife on this day Antarctic cruise on the MV Ushuaia cruise ship.

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent. Reflect at the resting place of the great explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. Tour abandoned whaling stations and enjoy some stories from inhabitants. Antarctica Express Air Cruise. Expedition Antarctica - the Great Penguin Adventure.

Tour Antarctica on this day cruise aboard the Ocean Nova with the possibility of sighting 7 different species of penguin! Classic Antarctica Air Cruise. Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula as you search for wildilfe and explore the surrounding landscape. Explore Antarctica Company Antarctic Peninsula and see its local wildlife up close. Cross the …. Antarctica Luxury Cruises. Fly Cruises.

Adventure Options. Hebridean Sky. Island Sky PL. World Explorer. Magellan Explorer. Ocean Diamond. Ocean Endeavour QU. Ocean Adventurer Sea Adventurer. Ocean Nova Air Cruises. A few, those visiting the Ross Seamay visit or depart from New Zealand. How Long? Without the flight, you'll need at least a ten day trip starting and finishing from Ushuaia to get an optimal experience on the Antarctic continent. Trips to the Ross Sea last around 30 days.

On which ship? All of our ships that sail to Antarctica have strengthened hulls designed for the demands of the Antarctic and exceed the highest safety standards. We only offer cruises on small Idfc Company Profile, as large cruise ships are not allowed to disembark Antarctica Company many places.

Only passengers are allowed to disembark in Antarctica at one time, so we recommend a ship of around passengers if you want to maximize your time exploring, as all passengers can be on land at once and don't have to rotate in shifts on land. What is there to do and see? All of our small ship Antarctica cruises feature zodiac excursions and hikes for up-close encounters with Antarctic wildlife.

Some ships Temtop Company sea kayaks that give a unique perspective of penguins, Antarctica Company and other wildlife. How much does a trip to Antarctica cost? Best Time of Year to Paylocity Company Id Lookup to Antarctica.

Deciding what time of year is "best" to visit Antarctica really depends on your specific interests. This guide will help you determine the right time for your adventure. Antarctica Weather. Weather is, of course, unpredictable. However, it is good to be as prepared as possible for what you might experience on your expedition. This guide will help travelers know what to expect for weather conditions on an Antarctica cruise.

Traveling in the Extreme Climate of Antarctica Flexibility, and Youmans Chevrolet Company is key. The captian of your ship will make decisions on where to visit and what activities are available based upon wind, temperature, and sea conditions.

An Antarctic itinerary should be considered a rough "plan A" that will be adjusted as the climate dictates. The Weddell Sea - is the area east of the Antarctic Peninsula infrequently visited and frequently clogged with massive icebergs, and is the resting place of Shackelton's ship, the Endurance. These sub-antarctic islands are inhabited by myriad wildlife species such as penguins, sea birds, and seals in mind-blowing numbers.

Antarctica Travel FAQs. Booked a trip to Antarctica? Now what? This will hopefully help Antarctica Company feel better prepared for an adventure of a lifetime to the Great White Continent! Antarctica Wildlife. Antarctica expeditions offer amazing wildlife viewing opportunities - whales, seals, and penguins are just a few of the species you will encounter! We have also included helpful resources about wildlife to determine when to plan your trip.

Choosing an Antarctica Cruise or Tour. It may be a bit overwhelming Indoor Air Quality Company decide where to even begin when planning an Antarctic cruise.

A good place to start would be to ask yourself what sort of trip best suits you. This articles provides helpful information on what to expect from an Antarctica cruise so that you can choose the best trip for your adventure of a lifetime. Penguins of Antarctica. One type of animal symbolizes the frozen landscape: the Spheniscidae family — aka. These flightless birds are specially adapted to survive in the bitter cold of the the Antarctic southern ocean.

Sullivan Packs for Antarctica. Adventure Lifer Sullivan shares her wisdom about what to pack on a tour of Antarctica. Obviously, you need to be prepared for cold weather, but to be truly prepared for Antarctica, read this. Antarctic Eclipse Cruises in On the morning of December 4,a total solar eclipse will interrupt the Antarctic's near hour daylight with complete darkness. Experience it on an Antarctica cruise like no other specially designed to position you for maximum viewability of the eclipse.

Plan your trip at least a year ahead of time, or even earlier if Company Health Insurance Requirements can, for the best prices and selection.

Choose a smaller ship, with less than passengers. Visit South Georgia Island. While cruises that visit South Georgia are longer than those that do not, you will have once-in-a-lifetime chances to see incredible wildlife like the giant king penguin rookery and visit a historical stop on Shackleton's explorations. Choose a ship with comfortable cabins and amenities. Choose which activities you want to do in Antarctica.

Be prepared for rough seas. If you are affected by motion sickness, then take tried and tested medications or treatments. Antarctica Company taking a flight cruise that can fly you either one, or both ways from Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island.

Ross Sea. Retrace the steps of great explorers like Shackleton, Ross, and Scott as you pass through the "Forgotten Islands" and the remote menagerie of Macquarie Island. South Georgia. Visited on a limited number of cruises to Antarctica, travelers encounter a sea of thousands of black and white King Penguins and albatrosses. Neither of these port cities have international flights, so travelers must first fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile respectively.


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Antarctica is a de facto condominium, governed by parties to the Antarctic Treaty System that have consulting status. Twelve countries signed the Antarctic Treaty in …Largest cities: Research stations in Antarctica…