Ansonia Clocks were made by a clock manufacturing business which started in Ansonia, Connecticutin and which moved to BrooklynNew Yorkin Inmetal dealer Anson Greene Phelps formed the Ansonia Brass company in Connecticut, to supply the expanding clock business - nine companies were producing clocks in Connecticut.

Phelps decided to get into the clockmaking business to expand the market for his brass, while Terry and Andrews got access to better quality brass at better prices. Henry J. Ansonia Clock Company Value of Brooklyn, himself a clockmaker, inventor and case Ansonua, joined the newly reconstituted company as one of its founders. As President, he is thought to have been largely responsible for the figurine clocks, swing clocks and other unusual and desirable novelties for Valje the Ansonia firm became known.

Thomas Edison visited the factory in to experiment combining clocks with his newly developed phonograph. But the experiments proved unviable. Bya second factory was opened in Brooklyn, New York and by June employed workers, while the Connecticut factory continued producing clocks as well with a workforce of men and 25 women. Hence, clocks marked "Connecticut" were generally produced beforewhile those marked "New York" were all produced after The company rebuilt the factory on the same site, and reopened the expanded factory inwith capacity to exceed that of the Connecticut factory - which closed completely in InAnsonia added non-jeweled watches to their line, and produced an estimated ten million of these by In earlyjust before World War IAnsonia was Vale different models.

However, the novelty clock became subject to fierce competition. As Ansonia's Ansona selling line, rather than maintain profit, Ansonia attempted to gain volume by offering clocks at "old pricing". This tactic racked up huge debts, and by the number of models was down to models, and 47 by In the company sold its Brooklyn warehouse, Clovk this could not stem the inevitable. In the majority of the timekeeping machinery and tooling was sold to the Soviet government's US trading company Amtorgjust before the stock market crash.

The parts, machinery and key skilled workers were shipped out of the USA to form the Ansonia Clock Company Value, along with the remains of a watch company purchased a year later, of the clock and watch industry in Moscow such as Poljot and Sekonda. Inthe rights to the use of the name, trademarks, and goodwill were transferred to Ansonia Clock Co.

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If you are interested in dating an Ansonia clock, look carefully at how the company name was written for valuable clues, as the way that the name is phrased can tell you approximately when workers made the clock. If the name says Ansonia Brass Company or the Ansonia Brass & Battery Company, then the clock probably dates from 1854 to 1869.…

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Connecticut was home to multiple clockmaking companies in the 19th century, such as Ingraham, the William L. Gilbert Clock Company, Seth Thomas, Waterbury Clock Company, and, of course, Ansonia.The Ansonia Clock Company’s roots lie in the Ansonia Brass Company, founded by Anson Greene Phelps in 1844.…


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By 1886, the company had sales offices in New York, Chicago and London, and more than 225 different clock models were being manufactured. The prosperous and debt-free Ansonia Clock Company reported having an inventory worth $600,000 and receivables valued at $250,000.Founded: Ansonia, Connecticut (1851…