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Irrigation Meters The City does not use ceiling months for adjustments to its sewer charges due to excess watering during the summer months. The City encourages residents who are on city sewer to apply for an irrigation meter for their watering, filling up of pool, etc.

The cost for the installation of an irrigation meter is as follows:. Security Deposit: A security deposit securing timely payment of monthly charges may be required for new customer accounts. The account must be listed in the name of the lessee or owner of the property. Payment in full is due Compaby 15 calendar Anderson Sc Electric Company from the mailing date of the bill. After this Anderson Sc Electric Company, the account is considered delinquent and a 10 percent late charge will be added.

Your bill reflects water usage by cubic feet. One unit of water is equal to cubic feet gallons. You may select this option on the back of your remittance stub or visit the S Main Street office. Partial payments on past due balances do not guarantee service will not be disconnected. Disconnect and Reconnect Fees: When services are disconnected for non-payment, a disconnect 401k Calculator With Company Match, plus payment in full of past due balances is required.

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Welcome to City of Anderson Utilities homepage. Our Mission is to operate an efficient and first class water and wastewater system for the City of Anderson and the surrounding area in order to provide our citizens and businesses with the highest quality of life.…

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As your property management company, we deal with tenant issues, collect rent, handle maintenance and repairs, and qualify new tenants. You get peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands. If you are looking for a new home for rent, or that perfect tenant to fill a home for you, give our family at ECPM a opportunity to take the ...…