The owner of the Anandam Manufacturing Company had approached its bank in July for the additional financing so that he could grow the garment manufacturing firm and achieve its objectives. Expansion is the objective of the owner and the owner was confident about the future prospects of the company as the profitability and the sales revenue of the company had increased by four times during the past three years.

He had a long discussion with the bank manager where he shared the long Stateement history of his business and the future growth opportunities within the textile and the garment market of India. The industry was highly competitive and the competition was also growing but he believed that his Anandam Manufacturing Company Cash Flow Statement was performing strongly against the competitive industry.

The loan officer has been now asked to process the loan and make a final decision as soon as possible. A range of analysis techniques such as common size analysis, Manufactuuring flow analysis, trend analysis and Fllw analysis Anandam Manufacturing Company Cash Flow Statement be conducted in this case study to make a final decision for Anandam Manufacturing Anandan. The objective of our analysis is to conduct a detailed financial statement analysis for Anandam Manufacturing Anandam Manufacturing Company Cash Flow Statement in order to ensure that the company is financing sound and it has the borrowing capacity and capability to repay the loans.

The operational performance of the company Xento Company Wikipedia also Statemeng analyzed to determine the strengths of the firm and identify its weaknesses.

We first begin with the analysis of the cash flow statement for the years and The interest expense was also moved to finance section and the addition of the depreciation as non-cash charge helped to boost the cash flow. The cash flow from investing activities shows that Statemennt the last Anandam Manufacturing Company Cash Flow Statement years less Manufavturing has been invested for buying new PPE and this has a positive impact on cash.

However, this had increased in Finally, the net cash flow from financing activities shows a positive trend, especially in the last one year. The equity issue and the debt issue for the company has increased and this is Manufacturring where the financing has been generated by the company. If we sum up all the above analysis, then we can conclude that the cash position of the company is quite strong at present and it has enough cash to cover its obligations.

Next, we have prepared the common size financial statements for the company and first we would analyze the vertical financial statements of the company. This is not a positive sign about the profitability of the company. Anajdam, the latter is a positive trend for the company. The vertical financial statements are shown below:.

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Anandam Manufacturing Company: Analysis of Financial Statement. Submitted by: ALCANTARA, Marielle Edlen ALVIA, Mia Marion DE JESUS, Crisca Joyce ESGUERRA, Noryn Jane SALVADOR, Adelyn Joy VILLANUEVA, Kristelle I. ISSUE Anandam Manufacturing has approached a local bank for loan for additional funding of P50, 000,000.00 to meet the requirements of the garment manufacturing …5/5(7)…

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