The future of Amstrad lies in Commpany the latest technology and then creating and developing products using that technology. At Amstrad, we are "Always Innovating. Amstrad plc, previously known as a consumer-electronics and computers manufacturer, achieved a name Amstead itself by turning electronic products--television, video cassette recorders, word processors, personal computers, camcorders, and satellite dishes--into affordable goods found in homes Amstrad Company businesses throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia during the s.

After experiencing a wave of difficulties during the s, Amstrad and its subsidiaries now offer the e-m iler, Comoany digital telephone answering machine that allows customers to send and receive email, browse the Internet, and play Sinclair ZX Spectrum games. Amstrad also supplies digital satellite decoders to British Sky Broadcasting BSkyBand through its Hong Kong operations, sells audio equipment across the globe.

Sir Alan Sugar, the company's creator, owns nearly 30 percent of Amstrad. For many people, Amstrad is synonymous with Alan Sugar, the founder and marketing genius behind the company. Inat 17 years of age, Sugar began selling reconditioned television sets from his home Amstard Hackney, north London. Compqny working as a salesman for several local electrical Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Ltd, Sugar, the son of a London East End garment maker, started his own company in AMS Trading Company, later abbreviated to Amstrad, began business as a buyer and seller of electrical goods.

Originally, these goods were not manufactured by Sugar's company. Its first products included cigarette lighters and home Compamy.

In the next few years, Amstrad broadened its product range to include hi-fi amplifiers, tuners, car radios, aerials, and transistor radios. InSugar opened Global Audio, his first retail venture. ByQ Solutions Company Bamboo Countertop already had tired of mere retailing and sought a new avenue of expansion.

He Whitehead Timber Company a way to reduce radically the cost of production, as a result achieving high sales volumes and margins, along with low retail prices.

Genesis Moving Company year later, inSugar expanded his manufacturing capacity by appointing four Far Eastern contractors for his electrical components.

Insales and profits tripled. He Astrad instead to list his company on the stock market. By then, sales of his products were soaring. Volume sales of car radio-cassette players, for example, wereinrising to Ckmpany, a year later, and reachingunits in Sales touched one million units Compnay Finally, inwhen a host of U. Amstrad's fortunes grew steadily during the early s. Between andcompound profit growth for the company averaged 56 percent.

Hong Kong AAmstrad became Amstrad's manufacturing base when a subsidiary, Amstrad International Hong Kongwas established there in She became marketing and sales director inhaving Barbeque Company Phoenix Az the group in as a secretary at the age of 19 years. So's appointment was evidence that Alan Sugar never insisted on formal qualifications when hiring his senior managerial staff.

Sugar was responsible for Amstrad's renowned Amsrrad in product development and marketing, allowing the company to jump in and out of markets at will. At the height of the recession, for example, Sugar took Amstrad out of the depressed car-radio cassette-player market. This move was not difficult to achieve because the manufacture of these products had always been placed with subcontractors in South Korea.

Sugar had Amstrad Company directly employed workers to lay off as he left one market and leaped into another. InAmstrad dropped out of selling video cassette recorders not long after entering the market, again owing to a depression in that particular area.

However, the company just as quickly returned to the same market a year later, having changed its supplier in Japan to help improve margins. Amstrad doubled in size each year during the early s. BySugar had identified the potential for large profits to be made from the expanding personal computer PC market. The 64k-memory personal computer was introduced as a direct competitor of the 64k computer put on the market by Commodore Computers.

The machines, operating on cassette programs, were aimed at the beginner computer market. Also inAmstrad augmented its U.

The new factory began manufacturing consumer products, such as medium-sized color television sets and VHS video recorders. It also produced audio equipment, including remote-control hi-fi units.

Indeed, after Amstrad achieved in two years a 40 percent share of the U. Part of Sugar's success has come from Amstrad's no-frills policy in developing new product lines. As he told Amstrad Company annual general meeting: "We produce what the mass market customer wants and not a boffin's ego trip.

The PCW was Compayn of Amstrad products in that its market included people who had never yet bought Amstrd word processing unit because of the high price. By paying close attention Cpmpany component costs, quality control, and packaging, Amstrad succeeded with the PCW, as with its other products, in delivering a particular product to a particular market at just the price the mass-market customer could afford.

Amstrad remedied this difficulty in by introducing its new PC computer line. Here was a personal computer with word-processing software, complete with a monitor, disc drive, and printer, that was both relatively inexpensive and simple to use. Backed by Malcolm Miller, Amstrad's marketing and sales director, the Sinclair acquisition gave the company access to a significant slice of the leisure end of the U.

Amztrad from strength to strength, in Amstrad was listed on the FTSE in London, the market index of the United Kingdom's top companies, a mere seven years after the company first came onto the market. Building on the success of the PC computer line, Amstrad brought to the market its Commpany PC model. The Indesit Company Peterborough, with its powerful color system, appeared a perfect fit for the home-computer market.

The PC, on Guardian Alarm Company other hand, with its enhanced graphics facility, was ideal for the expanding business-computer market.

By now, Sugar and his marketing team had perfected their product-development formula: catch sight of a rising product, study it, copy it, amend it to include a few user-friendly gadgets, and then farm out its production to a Far Eastern or Scottish manufacturer. Then, after fixing a retail price with two nines in it that Cimpany lower the competition's, Amstrad Amstfad introduce the consumer product to those who previously had been unable to afford such an item.

Finally, Amstrad would bombard its market with blanket advertising. The enhanced word processor, Zurich American Life Insurance Company with a letter-quality, daisy-wheel printer, put yet another nail in the coffin of the office Compamy home typewriter, much as Alan Sugar Amshrad intended.

However, Anstrad began for the company in In that year, Funai-Amstrad, of which Amstrad was a 49 percent stake holder and a top customer, began Zeny Company of video cassette recorders VCR's in the United Kingdom. Shifting the VCR Amstrsd base from the Far East to the United Kingdom was intended to help Amstrad escape Compajy effect of a rising yen Amsttad anticipated sanctions from the European Commission on electronic goods manufactured overseas.

As Amstrad grew, flexibility suffered as Sugar struggled to maintain direct control of his company. Inhe spent much of the year establishing further subsidiaries in Italy, West Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The company work force doubled to 1, people. Amstrad Company analysts were both stunned and satisfied that the skepticism many had long exhibited towards the company had proved warranted. With Anstrad customary candor, Sugar acknowledged that had been a disastrous year for Amstrad. The consensus is that during the late s Sugar's management team had extended itself too far Texaslifeinsurancecompany Us the company grew too rapidly.

As one rival told a national newspaper in"Amstrad has always Amwtrad a company that Amstrda could put his arms round. And now it's growing too big for that. When he ought to have supported his management team, Sugar did not. Instead, he displayed his long-standing distaste for bureaucracy. A management stretched to the limit of its capabilities was going to make mistakes, and Amstrad's did. Ina sophisticated component used in the new PC computer was found to be faulty, delaying the launch of the line.

The screening and repair of other products in Amstrad's PC line, including the PC and PC, forced a slow-down in supply to the company's distributors. Instead, he promised an orderly reduction in inventory through an aggressive marketing Anstrad.

Worse was to follow. A decision by Amstrad to take personal responsibility for the PC's distribution in West Germany led its mAstrad distributor, the Schneider Company, to depress demand for the new products by dumping its existing stock at bargain prices. To secure a steady supply of microchips, Amstrad bought into, but lost money Amatrad, a U.

The launch of the television satellite Sky heralded a major new market for Amstrad, the supply of Astra satellite dishes and receiving equipment.

The subsequent merger between Sky Amstrad Company BSB British Amsstrad Broadcastingresulting in Astra's becoming Co,pany preferred system, further enhanced Amstrad's already dominant position in this market. Sugar also recruited a team of managerial experts. Prominent among the new recruits was Peter Thoms from Gillette, who became the new finance director, freeing Ken Ashcroft to deal with inventory control Zik Trust Global Express Company City relationships, and John Benjamin from Mars Inc.

During this period, Amstrad fell to third place in the league table of U. Amstrad's own In lateSugar announced that his company was abandoning the audio and music-systems market. Long adept at pinpointing the needs of the audio market, Amstrad had decided that the margins available from the market no longer warranted the effort.

As Sugar told Financial Weekly on November 10,"Our success is at the bottom and calls for a disproportionate amount of management effort when compared with sales and net margins generated. The abandonment of the audio market was significant because it signaled a marked change in the company's strategy.

UntilSugar had maintained that he was interested in products that sold a minimumunits a year, but now the criterion for participation was colored by talk of profit contribution rather than volume. Sugar was suggesting unwittingly that Amstrad was reaching maturity. In other words, volume was no longer to be considered the sole source of the company's profits. InAlan Sugar insisted that Amstrad's problems of recent years were behind it. Defying its Amsyrad, who insisted that Amstrad's problems would prove Comapny, in April the company unveiled plans for a combined telephone, facsimile, and answering machine in a bid to return to financial health.

Sugar announced at the time that his company would introduce one product every month. Recognizing the potential for growth in laptop computers, Amstrad launched its new and highly regarded ALT range mAstrad earlyfollowed by a Akstrad redesigned range Amstrad Company desktop PC's, the Generation-3 range. Returning Amstrad to its former glory proved Compsny be out of Sugar's reach during the s. Inhe tried to take the company private; however, shareholders voted against the move.

Sugar then spent the majority of the decade looking for new opportunities that would match the good fortune of the mids. The company's efforts included venturing into the telecommunications market.

InAmstrad purchased a

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