The brand portfolio also includes green tea. It started out as a small family business selling hair oil made from camellia seeds in While its premium Laneige brand, for example, debuted init only became available outside of Korea in The company aims to generate USD 12 billion in sales by with 51 percent coming from global markets compared to 30 percent at present.

Its gradual expansion in Asia is highlighted by an increase in its skincare market share in China from 1. This includes initiatives to enable the increase of its overseas presence, innovation in conducting business, creation of additional value for employees and local firms, and expansion of its product range.

As the youngest son, he grew up watching his grandmother and father developing cosmetics products. He Yellow Checker Cab Company San Jose the chairman and CEO of the company. International success and image rests on its five global champion brands, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde, Innisfree and Etude House.

Etude House has a fun and playful vibe that is targeted at young Amore Pacific Company women. Areas such as nutrition, vitality and cosmeceuticals are part of this belief with a vision of treating obesity, skin diseases and chronic pain, not only beauty. By expanding this philosophy beyond products, the belief can guide social contributions as Pacific Shaving Company. Country and city of origin have always been Amore Pacific Company of prestige for beauty brands.

However, just as Korean and Taiwanese technology brands have largely broken this mould over the last decade, Korean beauty brands are following suit. This is largely due to the degree that South Korean women care for their skin compared to other parts of the world.

Between skincare, makeup and night routine, it is estimated that South Korean women use around 17 products daily. Because appearance seems to be such a constant preoccupation, it is sometimes misunderstood as vanity.

While this has contributed to South Korea City General Trading Contracting Company Kuwait the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world, the truth when it comes to skincare is that Korean believe their skin as an important area of their overall health — much like maintaining a fit body through exercise and a healthy diet.

In the export reached the USD 1. As much of Europe and Asia slowly recovered from World War II in the s, Hollywood cinema was becoming global and American shows were a major source of television programming worldwide. However, even as Asian beauty companies looked to France and the United States for inspiration and brand names, differences evolved between East and West.

By the early s an estimated 86 percent of American girls aged 14 to 17 were using lipstick while three-fifths of the total Japanese beauty market was held by skin preparations — a preference which is shared by Koreans today. Even in terms of cosmetic surgery, Western women typically exaggerate their features with fuller lips or bigger breasts, while Asian women seek to refine their features, with smaller noses or chins.

While Western women use tanning beds and spray to darken their skin artificially, Asian women lighten their complexion by using whitening creams or other cosmetic treatments to lighten their outer layers of skin.

Through locally dubbed Korean soap operas, young girls all over Asia, from the Philippines to Hong Kong now want to look like their favourite actors. The end of the mass-industrialization era has led many brands to rediscover local ingredients and create a strong revival of local traditions and a new confidence that Asians have their own unique ideal of beauty.

At the time, authenticity is becoming a driven factor for successful global brands. The fastest growing distribution channels are digital and duty free. The Finnish Mobile Phone Company in which the brand competes can be local, regional or global. The company has not shown any signs of deviation from this philosophy over the years.

All new brands that have been launched have company branding support and have been developed and nurtured individually. American luxury shoppers prefer high-end department stores for convenience. As air travel expanded in the s and is now undergoing a second wave of growth driven by Asia, travel retail provides exposure to many new potential customers with less distribution costs. The brand quickly went on to secure a listing on-board the in-flight shop on Singapore Airlines.

Today, Laneige counters are in 34 regional airports and products are available on 17 airlines. InSulwhasoo was also launched in Changi Airport. The plan is also to expand Beautiful Fair Trade overseas. It is known for its employee-friendly culture, its focus on win-win partnerships with small businesses and its active social giving programs. South Korean beauty consumers are constantly looking for something new and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Since the ingredients required cold storage, LG also introduced a specialized cosmetics fridge called an Icemetic Cellar — the first of its kind. Throughout the years, it has stayed true to its roots with an ongoing focus on natural ingredients. Init was the first company to use ginseng, a common ingredient in Asian traditional medicine, as a base for cosmetic products.

Since the s, investments have evolved from strictly dermatological research to a total health approach with greater emphasis on health and nutrition. The annual production capacity of the factory is 13, tons, or million units. This is part of its strategy to further expand its leading position in Southeast Asia by developing research on innovative technologies, skin ageing and unexplored natural ingredients for new product formulas.

An example of a recent design is a dosage release technology that controls drug absorption in the body, a technique already been used by an arthritis treatment Amore Pacific Company. These new innovations are increasingly becoming known as cosmeceuticals. In the same way American television series once dominated local Asian broadcast television, reinforcing American cultural and beauty ideals, Korean pop culture is dominating Asia today with its soap opera series and movies.

But they have to adapt their marketing strategy in China and not fully rely on celebrities. Luckily, the approach of these competitors in Asia has been to achieve success with the lowest common denominators of their products, which can be widely distributed and appeal to the majority of consumers.

A strong success factor for its successful penetration of the Chinese market involved paying attention to the tastes of Chinese consumers. Though the company is slowly making gains in the country, especially in the skincare segment, it needs to account for the stronghold of Asian competitor Shiseido over China. It is a long established fact that the Chinese believe that Japanese technology is the best and that Japanese skin is closest to Chinese skin in terms of makeup and beauty regime requirements.

Shanghai Jahwa United Co. Multinationals Hickory Manufacturing Company Furniture also not sitting back. Estee Lauder, the American giant, launched a completely new brand Osiao, only for Asian markets inthat reportedly contains ingredients like ginseng.

The company has given detailed attention that every aspect of the brand has a strong China connection. Korean cosmetic products continue to be popular in China, but concern is growing about the rising number of counterfeit products. Even fakes of some products not yet officially on sale in China York Water Company Bill Pay being offered.

Korean companies are concerned that the fake products are tarnishing their image because the fakes contain different ingredients that may damage the skin. While Western Europe is a large male grooming market, the latest boom in male beauty products has been centered in Asia where many men now use foundation with sunscreen, not just traditional aftershave or colognes.

The Asian countries account for five of the top 10 global skin care markets in per capita spending according to research firm Euromonitor. In South Korea in particular, Euromonitor estimates South Korean men spend nearly twice as much today on skincare than in Korean men spent USD million on skin care in There are now even TV shows and spas devoted exclusively to male makeovers.

Continuous innovation in fast evolving product segments like beauty, cosmetics and personal care is critical for success and for staying competitive. The hyper-competitive nature of these categories demand continuous innovation from the companies who operate in them.

Innovation is copied and replicated very quickly. This foray into technology has even attracted new competition from companies not associated with the cosmetics industry, including Fujifilm and Amore Pacific Company. This exemplifies the fact that an organization can very quickly lose its competitive edge by the sheer pace of innovation replication in markets.

This will require disciplined effort, matching and exceeding innovation budgets of competitors and employing the best in terms of skillsets and capabilities. This may well be a successful strategy to target the China consumer, but may not Ikonik Supply Company an effective strategy to target consumers in Europe, North America and Amore Pacific Company America.

Elements of Korean culture are virtually unknown there and so is the allure of Korean celebrities. Secondly, a global expansion strategy requires a strategic re-think of the brand portfolio.

Western consumers still have markedly different preferences and attitudes towards their beauty and skincare regimes and consequently the products and the brands they prefer. Developing and launching brands with global appeal and relevance will help the company in developing coherent brand architecture.

A clear brand architecture outlining the relationships between the parent brand and the sub-brands will be crucial for portfolio management. In fact, launching a brand is just the start. To ensure visibility and to generate awareness, effective advertising campaigns need to be coupled with efficient distribution strategies.

Distribution, just like in any other retail domain, is the key driver of preference and point-in-time sales in the beauty and cosmetics business. The company has plans of furthering deepening this narrow distribution by making the range available in all stores of these chains. An effective global strategy can only be implemented by having a visionary senior management. For this to happen, it is critical that the company has the right set of people in senior management at both local and global levels.

To sustain this growth and to remain competitive in the segments it operates in, the company needs to combine an aggressive innovation driven marketing model with a global mindset and deep consumer understanding. Asian Brand Strategy provides key insights and knowledge about the rising Asian brands incl.

Download sample chapter. Martin Roll enables global clients to deliver business impact and drive long-term value. The evolution of Western and Asian beauty ideals As much of Europe and Asia slowly recovered from World War II in the s, Hollywood cinema was becoming global and American Uconn Dance Company were a major source of television programming worldwide.

Innovation is key to success South Korean beauty consumers are constantly looking for something new and are willing to pay a premium for it. Encounter and fight fake products in China Korean cosmetic products continue to be popular in China, but concern is growing about the rising number of counterfeit products. Keep up high levels of innovation Continuous innovation in fast evolving product segments like beauty, cosmetics and personal care is critical for success and for staying competitive.

Create global leadership and vision An effective global strategy can only be implemented by having a visionary senior management.


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