Amoco Corporation untilStandard Oil Company Indiana is a global chemical and oil company that was founded in around a refinery located in Whiting, IndianaUnited States. Originally part of Ajoco Standard Oil Trustit focused on gasoline for the new automobile market. Induring the Amoo up of the trust, it became an independent corporation.

Incorporated in Indiana, it was headquartered in Chicago. The combined corporation operated or licensed gas stations under both the Standard name and the Amoco name, and its logo using either name became a red, white and blue oval with a torch in the center. By the mid-twentieth century it was ranked the largest oil company in the United States.

Init changed its corporate name to Amoco, short for Am erican Oil Company. The firm's innovations included two essential parts of the modern industry, the gasoline tanker truck and the drive-through filling station. Standard Oil Indiana was formed in by John D. Rockefeller as part of the Standard Oil Trust. Inwith the rise in popularity of the automobileIndiana Standard decided to specialize in providing gasoline to consumers.

In it opened its first gas service station in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It had the exclusive rights to use the Standard name in the region.

It purchased the Dixie Oil Company of Louisiana in and began investing in other oil companies outside its Standard marketing territory. Blaustein incorporated his business as the American Oil Co. Before this deal, Amoco was forced to depend on Standard Oil of New Jerseya competitor, for its supplies.

Rockefeller 's association with the Amoco name. Combined with a new Ampco process, Indiana Standard created its exploration and production business, Stanolind, in In the following years, a period of intense exploration and search for oil-rich fields ensued; the company drilled over wells in alone.

InIndiana Standard bought a half interest in the Sinclair Pipeline Companya subsidiary of Sinclair Oil Corporation[7] which Aoco a network of crude oil pipelines in the midwestern United States.

Indiana Standard raised its stake in PAT to 81 percent by All of the pipeline companies were consolidated into the newly formed Stanolind Pipeline Company. Inall of the corporation's pipeline activities were merged into a single entity, which was named Service Pipeline Company. The "Amoco" lead-free gasoline was sold at American's stations in the eastern and southern U.

Lead-free Amoco was introduced in the Indiana Standard marketing area in In addition, Indiana Standard Amoco Oil Company Sds contributed to the aviation and land gasoline needed for the Allied armies. In the late s after World War II, Indiana Standard returned Com;any focusing on domestic oil refinement and advancement. In Indiana Standard was the first company to drill off-shore, in the Gulf of Mexicoand in Stanolind Oil invented Hydrafraca hydraulic Equitron Company fracturing process that increased oil production worldwide.

Initially the Hydrafrac process was licensed exclusively to Halliburton. ByStandard Oil of Indiana was ranked as the largest domestic Ajoco company.

Both brands shared the same redesigned torch and oval logo for easy identification nationwide. The Utoco name used in Indiana Standard's southwestern region was replaced by the American name.

The Amoco Ool continued to be used outside the U. Soon after, the company began to expand. With an exploration office in CanadaIndiana Standard was now an international gas company. Indiana Ckmpany created several new plants and claimed various new oil fields in Amoco Oil Company Sds time period, as the company prospered in the post-war boom.

ByAmoco began phasing in the Amoco name in the old Indiana Standard sales territory. In the late s and early s, Indiana Standard again led the way with scientific and technological discoveries. Indiana Standard Is Sysco A Union Company PTAa chemical for polyester fiber production. In addition, the company also acquired a division of Tenneco Oil Company and Dome Petroleum Limitedbecoming one of Jb Fay Company world's largest oil Oli.

The American Freeway Patrol cruised the freeways and assisted disabled motorists free of charge, and provided helicopter traffic reports for local radio stations which was groundbreaking at the time.

Although the sponsorship deal ended when Marriott sold the park to Six Flags inthe Standard logo can still be seen on all of the Barney Oldfield Speedway now Great America Raceway cars.

Andretti provided great publicity for Amoco by winning races at Phoenix and Cleveland that year, part of his 52 career IndyCar wins. Andretti also appeared in Amoco television commercials that aired in local race markets as part of the IndyCar sponsorship campaign. August 27,saw an explosion at the oil refinery in WhitingIndiana, that caused catastrophic damage, and continued to burn for eight days. In the s and s, six former Amoco chemical engineers at the firm's Naperville, Illinoisresearch campus developed a deadly form of brain cancer.

Researchers who conducted a three-year study of the cancer cluster determined that the cancer cases were workplace-related, but they could not identify the source of the workers' ailments. In JuneBP demolished BuildingOol the employees had worked. According to a company spokesperson, the building was "underused", and "required upgrades the company deemed too expensive. On August 11,Amoco announced it would merge with British Petroleum BP in the world's largest industrial merger. But byBP announced that all Amoco service stations would either be closed or renamed to BP service stations, including the remaining stations still bearing the "Standard" name.

BP also chose to rename its gasolines with the Amoco name, changing its midgrade and premium offerings to the Silver and Ultimate brandings that Rently Company Location used.

In addition, a few BP stations Amoco Oil Company Sds operation under the Amoco name. In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there were reports in the Amco that BP was reconsidering rebranding itself as Amoco in the US. The first Indiana Standard logo was unveiled in after a competition.

The logo featured a circle, representing strength, stability, and dependability, with the words "Standard Oil Company Indiana " in red. The inner circle represents the cycle of service to customers. The word Service was written in the inside of the circles. In addition, the logo also had a torch with a flame, symbolizing progress. This logo appeared on gas station buildings. Concurrently, American Oil introduced in a logo which was the first to bear the name "Amoco".

It featured an ellipse divided into three sections horizontally; the top Company Presentation Format bottom were red, and the middle had a black background with white lettering. This logo was used in the northeastern U. A new logo was developed by Indiana Standard and introduced in It combined the Standard torch with the Amoco oval. The Amcoo colors were, from top to bottom, red, white, Amlco blue. In parts of the country where Nue Company Probiotic company could not use the name "Standard", the logo read "Utoco" or "Pan-Am".

When the "Pan-Am" name was replaced by "Amoco", it marked the first time the torch and oval was used with Co,pany Amoco name. The red and black logo continued to be used in the northeast and maps distributed by Amoco in the late s through showed both logos.

The next updated logo in enhanced the previous one. It featured a blue bottom and a sleeker-looking torch. In addition, the word "Standard" became italicized and thicker.

Owners used it up until they were converted to BP or another franchise. The final Amoco logo of the company simply changed the name on the logo to "Amoco". The logo featured the familiar torch and divided ellipse. Currently, BP still employs the Amoco name, albeit under another logo.

BP currently uses the logo under the main BP helios logo. The italicized word "Amoco" is shown after red, white, and blue horizontal stripes, taken from the divided ellipse of the former Amoco logo. This logo existed prior to the acquisition, and was used primarily on pumps and service station canopies. Since the merger, the black background has been replaced with green, to symbolize the new parent company.

In St. Louis, Missourithe largest Amoco sign in the worldboth before and after the company's demise, still stands. It is visible up to two miles away on the interstate. BP still uses the Silver and Amoco Ultimate brands for its midgrade and premium gasolines. For the revival, the Amoco logo got a new, modernized refresh to its "torch and oval" image. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chicago Tribune.

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Amoco produced 13 million tonnes of chemicals a year and was the world’s largest producer of PTA. However, Amoco and BP merged in 1998, combining their worldwide operations into a single organization. Overnight, the new company, BP Amoco, became the largest producer of both oil and natural gas in the US.…

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The three major subsidiaries--Amoco Production Company, Amoco Oil Company, and Amoco Chemical Company--that had been responsible for the three major areas of operation were replaced by a decentralized structure with 17 business groups divided into three sectors: exploration and production, petroleum products, and chemicals.…

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Amoco Corporation (until 1985, Standard Oil Company (Indiana)) is a global chemical and oil company that was founded in 1889 around a refinery located in Whiting, Indiana, United States.Originally part of the Standard Oil Trust, it focused on gasoline for the new automobile market.In 1911, during the break up of the trust, it became an independent corporation.Founder: John D. Rockefeller…