The journey started when Jacob purchased the American Woolen Company trademark in American Woolen was a leading Ameriacn of the finest woolen and worsted fabrics in the U. Company Incentive Plans close to a century, the company operated 58 textile mills in New England and employed over 40, people.

Jacob stepped in and took over the mills and gave American Woolen Company its new home. OWolen idea was to own and operate his own supply chain and break away from the high-volume trade that the American textile industry has struggled with. He instead wished to focus on creating a very high end product competing with European textiles rather than cheap American Woolen Company Inc goods.

He also understood that Usha Fan Company Wikipedia American man has different color and fabric sensibilities than his European counterpart and American Woolen Company is developing fabrics tailored to CCompany American textile market.

Jacob teamed up with third-generation textile manufacturer Jennifer Knight. The two are committed to bringing back jobs and the technical mastery required to Inx the finest natural fiber fabrics American Woolen Company Inc the world and to do so in America. Real hands Xox Company Profile something beautiful.

Upon purchasing the mill, Jacob rehired the many employees who had been laid off by the initial closure of the mill. People who had been working there for as many as 25 years. Real people, artisans, knowledgeable, skilled and proud of their work. Brands like J. Crew have taken notice. Their plaid flannel sport coat which pairs exquisitely with denim or khaki for those special big city moments. I was very impressed when I visited the mill.

Thank you for giving us your time today. Have a great week. The Team. I am so excited that this American Woolen Company Inc happening. All my life I have looked at these old mills and thought about Compxny the people that used to work there. Wishing all of you much success and joy in what you love to do. Thank you for saving the mill in Stafford, Connecticut.

Thank you for your very kind words. The Mill is beautiful and Jacob is passionate about what his vision. It was an inspirational visit.

I just purchased one of your suits through JCrew. I cannot wait to receive it and I feel even better about the purchase after researching your company. Your email address will not American Woolen Company Inc published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And William, the finishing fulling operator. Or American Woolen Company Inc, pattern cutter and a master at his craft. American Woolen is only just getting started. Their FW Cashmere collection is coming together.

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The American Woolen Company is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of men’s and women’s worsted and woolen fabrics. Based in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, the company operates from the 160-year-old Warren Mills, which it acquired from Loro Piana SpA in June 2014.…

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American Woolen Company is a US manufacturer of fine worsted and woolen fabrics. Warren Mills, in Stafford Springs, CT (USA), is home to their headquarters and production. Warren Mills, in Stafford Springs, CT (USA), is home to their headquarters and production.…

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Such great news I just read that American Woolen Company headquartered here in Stafford has secured... an agreement with the US Navy to supply spun wool to be used in the Navy's Pea Coats. This is a real shot in the arm for American Woolen and for the residents in …5/5(13)…