China has the largest textile industry in the world with the major shares in the global textile trade. The textile industry of China grew after the 20 th century when the country became an expert in cotton production and export. Although the industry has gone through depression and slow growth rates yet the overall industry is efficiently serving country needs and has a strong share in providing fabric, textile, and apparel products to the international markets.

American Textile Company In Hong Kong textile and clothing firms have good customer positioning among local and global customers due to their supreme quality products American Textile Company In Hong Kong fulfill customer needs in a unique way.

Following is the analysis of top performing textile companies of China that ranked on the basis of their performance, revenue, innovation and quick response towards customer needs during the year by statistics like China Daily and Fortune China etc. Jiangsu Hengli Group is the largest manufacturer of textile and clothing in China that has expertise in yarn dyeing, washing, weaving, and finishing. The company is specialized in manufacturing three main products i. Shangtex Holding Co.

Ltd is the second leading textile industry of China. The company manufactures and distributes textile and fashion products like home textile, bags, luggage carriers, fabric and garments in international markets. The company started its operations in from the penal of Shanghai Mechanical Weaving Bureau in it took present portfolio after the merger of two textile bureaus by the Chinese government. Lu Thai Textile Co.

The company is specialized in high quality dyed yarn and dyed fabrics along with blended yarn, combed cotton, fiber, chemical fiber, silk, shirts, white fabric, non- iron fabric, stretched pants and digitally printed clothes.

Ltd fulfills domestic textile needs as well with the help of various subsidiaries and 25, employees. It was founded in and currently have 24, employees and Norfolk Fence Company production basis in China. Its main products are yarn and yarn products that include vast range like dyed yarn, casual wear, shirts, sportswear, socks, business suits, towels.

Decorative fabric, white yarn, and home fabric. Even though these big companies are capable of producing a variety of goods within the textile industry, Quality issues are bound to arise when working with them. Since they are running multiple orders at a single time and in-house QC can always overlook defects.

It is wise to conduct product inspections in order to assess the quality of your orders. Search for:. Request A Quote. Top 10 Textile Companies in China Part 1. August 19, by ATI. Please American Textile Company In Hong Kong and like us:.

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Hong Kong’s textiles industry is reputed as a supplier of quality dyed and printed fabrics. It is also strong in cotton spinning, denim weaving, knit-to-shape panel knitting and fine-gauge cotton knit manufacturing. Following a 2% decline in 2018, Hong Kong’s textile exports slid further in the first half of 2019 by 10% year-on-year.…

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By 1941, there were 1250 factories in Hong Kong with nearly 100,000 employees in the manufacturing sector. The largest industries at the time were shipbuilding, textile manufacturing, torches and plastic shoes.These goods were sold to Mainland China as well as other Southeast Asian countries near the South China Sea.Among these industries, the largest was the shipbuilding industry.…