Hutton Enron Goldman Sachs J. Free shipping, no minimum! American Telephone and telegraph was established by the American Bell company in to provide nation wide long distance.

This stock certificate dates back to 's and is a symbol of the storied American communication industry. Would you like to frame this? Would Teoephone like to add engraving to your frame?

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Audi Stock Certificate - German Rare Key Corp Specimen Stock Certificate.

How do I get stock pricing for the old AT&T stock pre 1983

We bought stock in AT&T Corp. from 1975 to 1983 and our financial advisor said we should sell the stock and diversify. When we went to do our taxes or accountant said we need to know what we paid for the stocks during those years or we will have to pay capital gains on the amount of the cashed stock. We have tried to find info on the stock prices for those years 1975-1983 on the internet but ...…