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It's a great way to thank those who helped you. December There is a very ancient looking oil burner. On the front, it has two doors, one above the other, on them it says, "No. I also have a photo. Ray M Member Posts: I have changed many of those 3 door boilers. You should really consider a change out when possible. The standing loss is huge as are the flue ways.

Steamhead in transit Member Posts: 6, I agree it's probably original to the house, and you should look at replacing it. It's an old "all-fuel" 3-pass boiler that could burn coal, oil or gas. The flue passages are large to allow for the coal-burning capability, which makes them not so efficient on oil or gas.

The burner looks like a "Quiet-Heat" conversion unit. It's a typical old-style burner of the s Europa Shipping Company s, nothing special about it and again not so efficient. If you really can't replace it now or in the very near future, a knowledgeable tech can add baffles to the large flueways and install a modern high-efficiency "flame-retention" burner. This will improve its efficiency, but it still won't do as well as a new boiler.

The 3-pass boiler design is basically a good one, and has been updated in some newer boiler models such as the Solaia or Burnham MPO, or the Buderus and Viessmann from Germany which are being sold here too. Where are you located?

American Rad Co Boiler Did that chamber pot come with the boiler? Looks about the same age. Christina Member Posts: 6. Ideal oil burner 12 is circa I think Hmm, I think my ideal oil burner 12 was purchased in according to the certificate permit on the wall allowing the oil burner. Its still in use. That word cringed me when I heard people call their comfort heating boiler "furance".

That's an oldie! Yes, as others been saying, time to get the old beast changed over American Radiator Co 1 Ideal boiler how old is it?? Thanks for all the info! The family selling this house says they will "fix it" and get it "up and running". I don't think so! I am trying to get them to take the thing out and convert to gas before the close of escrow.

The house has all these very cool original radiators. I want to keep them. The house is in Washington state. There are two people coming tomorrow to give American Radiator Company Ideal Boiler estimate. I was figuring, even to have that thing run for a little while would be very 8001012 Which Company No at the very least. The chamber pot, I hope they leave that! Long Beach Ed Member Posts: While it may be old That boiler can probably be made to work fine and reliably.

Depending on the real estate market in that part of Washington, the seller would have no obligation to replace it, just to have it in working condition. The boiler will probably outlive me and you and perhaps this whole so-called human race. Also, as stated, you can install baffles and a modern oil burner and probably boost the efficiency considerably.

You do have several choices here depending on how long you plan to remain in the house. Just don't choose your heating professional by the "lowest bid" method. A full heat loss calculation of every room in the house has to be done to size the new equipment. This old beast is probably very oversized and a cheap bid may just replace it in kind, which will cost you extra money every month it runs.

Best of luck in your new home. Long Beach Ed. Things to consider I am a homeowner who has been arround a bit: Things I would ask you to consider: 1 Is that round tank the Original fuel oil tank? If American Radiator Company Ideal Boiler - it should also be removed or replaced before it leaks.

A good oil boiler can be just as good as a gas one. I suggest you look closely at the options and issues of both fuels with an open mind. This forum has had a number of homeowners who come here with horor stories of bad or incorrect installs by contractors who did not know what they are doing or installed the wrong equipment.

There are contractors who do know what they are doing - but you need to be sure you are working with them. If the boiler is in good shape - a new oil tank and fixing up the existing boiler would be less and perhaps a lot less.

Also, then you know you get the chamber pot. Welcome It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. Categories

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