American Photograph Co. A publisher of picture Dove Mattress Company. American Post Card Co. They also published many holiday postcards. A publisher of New Jersey view-cards. They eventually moved to Spring Lake, NJ. The American Russian Institute for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union published all sorts of printed material, including postcards, for the stated purpose of bringing about closer ties between these two nations.

In the U. Attorney General labeled it a Communist front group, and the following year it was deemed a subversive organization. They issued individual postcards in ten 30 or 60 card sets. The first and last sets numbered and were of Yale university. The sets numbered of meetinghouses, historic houses, public buildings, and of countryside scenes, were all from the State of Connecticut and published for their Tercentenary.

American Souvenir Card Co. This firm was founded in by Rudolph F. Albrecht, Robert S. Lehman, American Postcard Company Hans Henning.

Their business plan was to issue view-cards, termed Patriographics, that would be sold exclusively in card sets.

These view-cards were oriented toward collectors rather than tourists, and a subscription system was even set up for purchases in advance of publication. Additional places to be covered were to be determined by demand.

Though these cards were artist drawn and had designs similar to that of European Gruss aus cards, Zenith Aran Oil Company were printed in a poor quality tricolor line block by the Colortype Company, and often suffer from poor registration.

The companies inventory of cards and images were purchased by the Edward H. Mitchell Company who trimmed many down and overprinted his name onto them. American Souvenir Co. Published a set of 12 pioneer cards of the Boston area as tinted line blocks, with multi image vignettes.

American Steamship Co. Better known as the American Linethis steamship company ran routes between Philadelphia, Queenstown, and Liverpool.

In they were purchased by the Red Star Line but retained their name. Like other steamship lines they produced a number of postcards depicting the ships of their fleet. American Views, Inc. The Company was run by Otto Kallir, owner of the St.

American Youth Hostels, Inc. Inspired American Postcard Company the hostels he encountered while traveling in Europe, Monroe Smith founded the first American hostel in Northfield, Massachusetts in Johann F. This business opened as a simple grocery inand by they had expanded into stationery.

Their long connection to the Alps led them to produce many view-cards of them. These cards were printed as high quality multi-colored heliographs. Prior to Trento was a autonomous State with a large German speaking population; and many postcards were published in the American Postcard Company language. In Amonn took over the bookbinding operations of Weigl and began producing illustrated books as well. As they incorporated many other businesses their focus changed with them.

In the post World War Two years they have become primarily know for their paints and varnishes under the Amonn Group name. An art publishing house who turned out books, novelty items, and postcards in a variety of techniques. He began his career creating fereotypes at a photo studio in Columbo. By he opened up his own establishment, the Hopetoun Studio on Slave Island. His brother Bertie who worked for him as an apprentice took over the business when Adolphus died in A Photographer of Oregon who captured many images of its coastline.

He published many of them as real photo postcards, and used other publishers to British Beer Company Kids Menu printed postcards from his photos. A photographer of portraits and landscapes who turned many of his images into real photo postcards. Anelou became the largest early producer of real photo cards depicting nudes. Anglo-American Publishing Co. A trading company specializing in items from German colonies.

They published many chromolithographic view-cards of these colonies and of Europe as well. They are noted for a private printing of official postal cards American Postcard Company from German colonies in This company actively lobbied the German government to increase its overseas presence in Africa and the Pacific. This company had its beginnings in as a marketing association promoting motor fuels, and by they were marketing Benzol, a mixture of benzene and gasoline.

In they took on the name Aral and three years later introduced their distinctive blue logo. In they became a German subsidiary of British Petroleum. This publisher produced a wide variety of postcard types from real photo cards to hand colored rotogravure and Continental sized photochromes. During the Spanish Civil War they produced pro-Falangist propaganda cards.

The firm Aristophot Photographische Maschinendruck Anstalt, a producer of machine manufactured photographs was formed in Leipzig around After merging with Otto Lienekampf in they became Aristophot A. Many of these photo cards were hand colored and released under the trade name Lychnogravure. They also had an office in New York City and produced a U. Series of Eastern view-cards as tinted halftones that were printed in Saxony.

They also produced a number of fine continuous toned artist signed cards as Aquarellchroms. All their cards were manufactured in their factory at Taucha, just outside of Leipzig. Charles Armstrong had worked as a wood engraver American Postcard Company London before emigrating to New York in He formed brief partnerships with Herman Bencke, and latter Daniel M.

McLellan and John E. Green, and even worked for Louis Prang. Armstrong printed chromolithographic posters, calendars, sheet music covers, book Eni Oil Company, and trade cards and postcards. Armstrong Moore Co. This new firm was purchased by George Walker in who continued to print material for a few years under the Armstrong name. A photographer who published his Kosovo Company Formation of local views and types as real photo postcards and color collotypes.

An old book publisher who went on to produce prints and then postcards. This firm also functioned as an art dealer. Artino Post Card Co. The company of publisher E. Branning who produced various card types as tinted collotypes. These cards were printed in Germany. Kan Herb Company of their cards carry a swastika on their backs instead of their usual indian head logo, but at a time when this symbol was not yet associated with Nazis.

Art Lithography Co. A publisher of Western view-cards. These tinted halftones were printed by the Edward H. Mitchell Company. Art Lithographic Publishing Co. In Obpacher Brothers Gebr. They seem to have turned their New York office into a subsidiary with Davidson Brothers that was called the Art Lithographic Publishing Company originally under the management of Samuel Garre.

American Postcard Company was an additional office in London where the firm went by the name of The Artistic Lithographic Company. Much of their output carries both names. They produced novelties, books, song booklets, calendars, reward cards and greeting cards. All their output was printed in Munich, Bavaria.

Henry S. Winsch may have used this connection to print his own cards through Obpacher Bros. Garre would take over the management of this new firm.

Art Manufacturing Co. Some were made in a Us Revolver Company Serial Numbers panoramic format and many cards were printed with gold borders.

They eventually built a new factory in Zanesville, Ohio. Art Photo Greeting Co. They also produced postcards of Blacks.

American Postcard Company

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Postcard Publishers, Printers, and Distributors of Note: Postcards may have the names of a number of different people or entities printed on them or sometimes none at all. They are most often found on the card’s back, though they may appear on a front tab or even across the image itself. In place of a name a logo is often substituted.…

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When the divided back postcard was authorized, the Albertype company created a line down the back of their cards with the words Post Cards of Quality and later with The Finest American Made View Post Cards. Many publishers large and small printed cards though the Albertype Co. They were purchased by Art Vue Post Card Company in 1952.…

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The first American postcard was developed in 1873 by the Morgan Envelope Factory of Springfield, Massachusetts. These first postcards depicted the Interstate Industrial Exposition that took place in Chicago. Later in 1873, Post Master John Creswell introduced the first pre-stamped "Postal Cards", often called "penny postcards". Postcards were made because people were looking for an easier way ...…