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American Meat Companies. For over 30 years, when it comes to meat... We own it! Specific aging requirements, trim specifications, portion control... That's what we do and we do it better. Let us prove it to you. We're American Meat and we do it all... only we do it all better.…

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American Wagyu beef is the result of cross-breeding Japanese Wagyu with high-quality continental breeds of cattle. American Wagyu beef is prized because of its intense marbling and high percentage of oleaginous, intramuscular unsaturated fat. The name Kobe is reserved exclusively to describe cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan.…

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DeBragga proudly sources the finest Wagyu, Kobe Beef Style Beef produced in America. DeBragga’s wagyu comes from farmers that cross breed the best Wagyu KOBE Beef Style genetics with the finest Black Angus genetics, and it separates this American Wagyu from other Wagyus produced around the world. Blending the super-flavorful Angus with the extraordinary marbling found in Wagyu Kobe Beef ...Reviews: 1…