Seriously, this was actually the name of a hamlet on the west shore of Staten Island. Originally known as Long Neck in E Clinic Company s, it eventually became Travisville, after a local landowner. Both are nice names. But inthe town was selected to be the home of the American Linoleum Manufacturing Company.

The head of the company decided to rename it American Linoleum Manufacturing Company the floor covering his factory produced, where two-thirds of its residents were soon American Linoleum Manufacturing Company. Inthe factory closed. Bythe people of Linoleumville were ready for a change. So they took a vote. Four residents cast ballots to keep the name.

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The Evolution of Linoleum

In 1860 Walton applied for the first of a series of patents, and named this new material ‘Linoleum,’ from the Latin words linum (Latin for flax) and oleum (Latin for oil). Walton established the Linoleum Manufacturing Company Ltd., in 1864, in Staines, England.…