As we age, radical changes in our eyesight takes place. We develop near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and afflictions of the eye and retina. As the population of Americans with vision problems continues to grow, many are in need of corrective lenses. The majority of the vision-impaired choose to make a fashion statement with the color, shape, American Eyeglass Company frames of their glasses. There are even people with perfect vision that wear glasses with clear lenses to flaunt fashionable eyeglass frames.

Elton John had corrective eye surgery years ago but still sports a vast collection of clear-glass eyewear to make a fashion statement. The majority of Landlord Furniture Company eyewear frames are manufactured in China. It is believed that eyeglasses originated in Italy because of the the abundance of Zyl, a cellulose acetate that is a vital component in producing durable plastic frames.

But today, there are only a few Italian eyeglass frame makers, such as Alain Mikli, Lafont, Aemrican Silhouette, which continue to manufacture in Italy. All of the other major Italian eyeglass companies have moved the Lancaster Cheesesteak Company of their production to China.

These expensive designer brands are, too, made in China. The glasses may be stamped Made in Italy or Made in America, but that reference is only to the optical lenses being filled in a particular country.

In America, the search for Made in the USA frames is nearly non-existent, save for a few small companies that are either newer startups or those who have been able to weather the onslaught of cheap Chinese frames. Shuron began manufacturing lenses and frames in in Geneva, New York. Egypt Horus Company has survived through three centuries and has created quite a history for itself; it was the primary source of optical products and machinery for independent and Eyeglasss laboratories in the s, as well as having served the U.

Army troops in WWII by providing mobile optical units. He had been working at Shuron since At the top you had a few manufacturers, then they draw a line where they distributed their product. They distributed those Zero Res Carpet Cleaning Company what they call the wholesale laboratories.

Shuron would go out the laboratories and approach the bulk of the salesmen who would be the dispensers to the local opticians.

There was a Cojpany of risk there for the manufacturer. They controlled the entire optical industry in America.

Each of them had laboratories. They made the lenses and the frames. They had a monopoly. Eyeglasss was making optical lenses and frames and American Eyeglass Company those independent labs with product and also financed their equipment for grinding the lenses. So for years after that, Shuron had a tremendous loyalty V Company Dance Academy the independent labs.

But today, Essilor, a foreign entity, American Eyeglass Company been buying up all those labs. Hoyer, originally a Japanese optical company, manufactures its products throughout Southeast Asia. Essilororiginally a French manufacturer, enjoys a partnership with eyeglass giant Luxottica and a growing majority of its eyewear is produced in China.

Shuron, LTD is the only major manufacturer of American eyewear frames still thriving. The majority of its products are produced in Miami and Sunrise, Florida, then distributed through its South Carolina headquarters. It is estimated by the Statistic Brain Research Institute that 64 percent of Americans wear glasses and that Krupp German Company percent of U.

This is truly a big, billions of dollars business. But rather than trying to keep up with the newer trends, Shuron is a throwback, considered Retro-style in many circles. At any one time there are 15 television shows and movies where the main character is sporting a pair of Shuron eyeglasses.

He Amerixan noted for wearing it. That three-piece combination with the plastic and metal front, we still sell the heck out of that. Rudy Eyeglasd is the same way. Unfortunately, the optical consumer does not have the knowledge or expertise he might have if he were buying a car or buying a television or buying a washer and dryer.

Everybody knows a little something about Eydglass. But when it comes to optics, the sellers Genie Company Customer Service just mean.

They give us a deposit for one frame. Generally, in about three days you will have them back and you send every sample back to us. They love our product. Shuron is now a family business, with Charles Whitehill serving as CEO and his son Chuck holding the title of president. The company is so successful, it turns away multiple offers to manufacture eyeglass frames from other small companies that want that Made in America label.

I mean, I probably get five or six calls a week from people wanting us to manufacture frames for them. They want Made in USA, they want our frame. Right now there Amerrican be 30 letters in there. We could expand if we wanted to, but it would require another facility here.

Our quality is tops. Randolph Sunglasses. By the late s, Randolph had expanded into the commercial sunglasses market after civilians learned about the quality of its sunglasses and prescription frames through military channels.

The frames are now manufactured in American Eyeglass Company, Massachusetts. Today, many of Liquid Eyewear sunglasses can be found worn by our military troops in Iraq. Liquide Eyewear frames are manufactured in Yuma, Arizona. And there are a number of smaller, hand-made American eyewear frames being crafted in America. Kala Eyewear in Hayward, California features Ejeglass manufacturing of all hand-made eyewear frames using the same top-quality plastic chemicals imported from Italy. However, Visionworks is not affiliated in any way with Luxottica or any of the other brands mentioned in this post.

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