But, rest-assured, Thorndike Mills braids its rugs with these vivid memories. Our high quality braided rugs are manufactured with the words "authentic" and "reproduction" in mind…plus, American Braided Rug Company. Oh, the possibilities. Visit our gallery and see for yourself. The next best option to this, would be an actual hand made rug. These fabric strips are hand guided and spliced together to create color designs. A well trained and experienced stitcher will ensure that the rug is correctly stitched and tensioned properly so that it will lay flat even after professional cleaning.

The size will be exact with normal manufacturing tolerances. Filler is essential in a Yarn Braided Rug. Thorndike uses only Brqided finest filler, American Braided Rug Company is made for this specific purpose. Bolts of cloth are Braidwd into fabric strips of precise widths using modern cutting equipment.

The difference with a Thorndike Yarn Constructed braid vs. Only the finest carpet yarns are used in the manufacturing of our yarn braided rugs. Thorndike begins with an extra step to initially maximize the durability of your yarn-braided rug. Yarn spools of 2-ply strength of specified fibers are woven into strips of fabric. After the woven yarn is wound onto spools, it is Is Loanmart A Legitimate Company onto the braiding machines.

This is where the process of creating the braid and inserting the natural filler takes place. Click on the thumbnails below to Braiddd our rug manufacturing operations:. Take a tour of our manufacturing process. As seen on Chronicle. The woven yarn is hand wound by skilled craftsmen in preparation for braiding.

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Based on the original plaited rag rugs made by the early American settlers for their cabins, the Welsh business, The Braided Rug Company, decided to create their own range of rugs designed with the British market in mind.Wanting to use a natural yarn in their products, in 2011 they started working with a small manufacturing company in Bangladesh, using organic jute fibres to make their rugs.…

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When one thinks of area rugs made in USA, naturally braided rugs come to mind first and foremost. American braided rugs have been popular since Colonial times in New England, and with the proliferation of woolen mills in the region, it was natural to turn to wool as a primary rug-making material.…