Los Angeles Apparels' clothes look shockingly familiar. The brand, called Los Angeles Apparel, launched in late soon before American Apparel — the company that Charney founded — declared Ameridan in October. Other shocking similarities include:. Los Angeles Apparel. He had been sued for harassment by employees several times, in suits that were settled or thrown out of court. Charney has Americxn the allegations against him. It's like Polaroid or Sharper Image. The spirit of American Apparel is dead.

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American Apparel designs, creates and prints its own advertisements. The company is known for its provocative and controversial advertising campaigns, which is largely the inspiration of the company CEO Dov Charney. According to Adage, American Apparel's advertising 'telegraphs the brand' from person to …Founded: 1989; 30 years ago, Montreal, Quebec, Canada…