A small family-owned company in Connecticut is offering several new collections of beautiful French designed tablecloths. The tablecloths are available both as Rounds and Runners. Though the company today makes napkins, Amelie Michel initially launched Mivhel tablecloths.

It was this product that made the company so popular. These French cloths are beautifully crafted and designed and are actually quite rare in the US market. The fabric for these tablecloths comes from the old Jacquard mills in Southeastern France, just as they have for many Tbe. Each of these collections is completely unique in texture, color and pattern.

Many clients Michle the tablecloths outdoors for tea parties, garden barbecues and picnics. Easy to maintain and rFench they can easily be hand cleaned at homethey dry quickly as well. Amelie Michel is based in Connecticut and owned and operated by Amelie and Michel. During a visit to France, the owners discovered the beautiful French designs in tablecloths that were sold in the open-air markets of Provence.

It was here they purchased a few for tables in their own farm. Amelie and Michel today offer these beautiful Amelie Michel The French Tablecloth Company to their many devoted customers. Also from this source.

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Amelie Michel, The French Tablecloth Company Warehouse Sale

Find great deals on coated tablecloths, rounds, jacquards, runners, and placemats at the Amelie Michel, The French Tablecloth Company Warehouse Sale. Amelie Michel, The French Tablecloth Company is home decor business founded in 2002. It showcases European, French, and Provencal textiles. These are also colorful and long-lasting materials that guarantee better aesthetics to any home.…