At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U. After periods of intermittent but unsustained success, Renault acquired a major interest in AMC inand the company was ultimately acquired by Chrysler.

At the firm's demise, The New York Times noted that AMC was "never a company with the power or Aztec Ditch Company cost structure to compete confidently at home or abroad. Mason to reap benefits from the strengths of the two firms to battle the much larger " Big Three " automakers General MotorsFordand Chrysler. The merger was intended to be the first step of amalgamating the Nash, Hudson, Studebaker, and Packard marques into a single company.

The plan was for Nash to acquire Hudson and for Packard to acquire Studebaker, then merge the four marques into one. Nance in the late s. Packard acquired Studebaker two months after Nash acquired Hudson. Barit retired to become an AMC board member. Mason selected long-time Nash associate and future governor of Michigan, George W. Romney as Vice president.

Following Mason's sudden death on October 8,Romney took over, reorganizing the company and focusing AMC's future on a new small car line.

By the end ofthe legacy Nash and Hudson brands were completely phased out, replaced with the Rambler and Metropolitan brands. The company struggled at first, but under Abernethy, Rambler sales took off. Ambassador sales jumped from 18, in to over 64, in Consequently, Robert B. Cross, who continued as a director and chairman of the executive committee. In the face of deteriorating financial and market positions, Abernethy was "retired" as CEO in and Evans "resigned" as chairman.

Abernethy was replaced by the son of Hudson co-founder Roy D. ChapinRoy D. Chapin, Jr. AMC's public explanation for the removals was that the two had "stepped aside according to a plan to give a younger team an opportunity to move the company forward".

Chapin took charge to revitalize the company, and designer Richard A. Teague economized by developing several vehicles from common stampings. AMC purchased Kaiser 's Jeep utility vehicle operations in to complement its existing passenger car business. Beginning in the early s, Amc Company History company moved towards all-new compact car designs based on the Hornetincluding the Hornet itself and the Gremlin.

Other new models in the s included the Matador and Pacer. Hornet derivatives of Xds Bicycle Company late s included the Spirit and Concordwhile the innovative 4-wheel-drive AMC Eagle introduced in was one of the first true crossovers. FromAMC partnered with France's Renault to help finance their manufacturing operations, obtain much-needed capital, and source Volta Company vehicles.

By Renault had a controlling interest in AMC. After the model year, the AMC brand focused entirely on AWD autos; the company stopped producing two-wheel drive cars. AMC facilities were used to produce the Renault-branded Alliance and Encore compact and subcompact cars. At the time, AMC had excess manufacturing capacity, thus contract manufacturing for Chrysler made sense.

Renault left the US market completely as a brand in AMC's badge would be used on the Eagle Sports Wagon through the model year, then Moving Company St Albans eliminated entirely. The new corporation would be called American Motors Corporation. An earlier corporation with the same name, co-founded by Louis Chevrolethad existed in New Jersey from through before merging into the Bessemer—American Motors Corporation.

Barit as a consultant and he took a seat on the Board of Directors. Nash's George W. Mason became President and CEO. Mason, the architect of the merger, believed that the survival of the U.

S' remaining independent automakers was dependent on their joining in one multibrand company capable of challenging the "Big Three"— General MotorsFordand Chrysler —as an equal. Nance of Packard to outline his strategic vision.

In JulyPackard acquired Studebaker. When Mason died inGeorge W. Romney succeeded him. Ironically, Romney had once been offered Nance's job. Studebaker-Packard President James Nance refused to consider merging with AMC unless he could take the top position Mason and Nance were former competitors as heads of the Kelvinator and Hotpointrespectivelyand a week after Mason's death Romney announced, "there are no mergers under way either directly or indirectly.

As the Packard engines and transmissions were comparatively expensive, AMC began development of its own V8. American Motors combined the Upreach Charitable Company and Hudson product lines under a common manufacturing strategy inwith the production of Nashes and Hudsons consolidated at the Nash plant in Kenosha. The separate Nash and Hudson dealer networks were retained. Amc Company History Hudsons were Amc Company History to bring them in harmony with Nash body styles.

The fast-selling Rambler model was sold as both a Nash and a Hudson in and These badge-engineered Ramblers, along with similar Metropolitans, were identical save for hubcaps, nameplates, and other minor trim details.

The pre-existing full-size Nash product line was continued and the Nash Statesman and Ambassador were restyled as the "new" Hudson Wasp and Hudson Hornet. Although the cars shared the same body shell, they were at least as different from one another as Chevrolet and Pontiac. The Nash Ambassador and Statesman continued with overhead- valve and L-head sixes respectively.

Hudson and Nash cars had different front suspensions. Trunk lids were interchangeable but other body panels, rear window glass, dash panels and braking systems were different. The Hudson Hornet and Wasp, and their Nash counterparts, had improved ride and visibility; also better fuel economy owing to the lighter unitized Nash body. Amc Company History the model year, the Nash and Hudson brands were dropped.

Rambler became a marque in its own right and the mainstay of the company. The popular British-built Metropolitan subcompact continued as a standalone brand until it was discontinued in Sales of Ramblers soared in the late s in part because of American Motors' focus on the compact car and its marketing efforts. These included sponsoring the hugely popular Walt Disney anthology television series and as an exhibitor at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California.

George Romney himself pitched the Rambler product in the television commercials. George W. Romney 's leadership focused the company on the compact car, a fuel-efficient vehicle 20 years before there was a real need for them. Two core strategic factors came into play: 1 the use of shared components in AMC products and 2 a refusal to participate in the Big Three's restyling race.

This cost-control policy helped Rambler develop a reputation as solid economy cars. American Motors was also beginning to experiment in non-gasoline powered automobiles. On April 1,AMC and Sonotone Corporation announced a joint research effort to consider producing an electric car that was to be powered by a "self-charging" battery. Anderson left the company inTeague was named principal designer and inVice President. In an effort to stay competitive, American Motors produced a wide range of products during the s and added innovations long before the "Big Three" introduced them.

For example, the Rambler Classic was equipped with a standard tandem master cylinder in that provided stopping ability even if there was a failure in the brake system. Rambler also was an early pioneer in offering an automatic shift indicator sequence P R N D2 D1 L, where if one selected "D2", the car started in second gear, while "1" started in first gear on its "Flash-O-Matic" transmission which is similar to today's "PRNDSL" shift pattern, made mandatory for the model year cars, [35] which required a neutral position between reverse and drive, [36] while General Motors still offered a shift selector that had reverse immediately next to low gear PNDSLR well into the s.

Unique in the domestic automotive industry, AMC offered adjustable front seat backrests from their Nash-origin, [37] and inthe Classic and Ambassador were equipped with standard dual reclining front seats nearly a decade before the Big Three offered them as options. Bendix disc brakes were made standard on the Marlin and optional on other models in In the early part of the decade, sales were strong, thanks in no small part to the company's history of building small cars, which came into vogue in The company became completely debt-free.

The financial success allowed the company to reach an agreement on August 26,with the United Auto Workers for a profit sharing plan that was new in the automobile industry. Its new three-year labor contract also included generous annual improvement pay increases, as well as automatic Yummy And Company raises. ByStudebaker production in the United States had ended, and its Canadian operations ceased in There was only an absence of largest sized cars from the AMC lineup in and [44] The first cars bearing his signature were the models.

These were a longer Ambassador series and new convertibles for the larger models. During mid-year a fastbackcalled the Marlinwas added. It competed directly with cars like the Dodge Charger, AMC's "family-sized" car emphasized personal-luxury.

Abernethy also called for the de-emphasis of the Rambler brand, because he believed the public associated it too strongly with economy cars, and that it was hindering the sale of AMC's other models at a time when mid and luxury car sales was very strong.

As a result, he ordered that forthe Ambassador and Marlin were to be badged purely as a product of American Motors Corporation. The continuing quest "in the business world's toughest race — the grinding contest against Yestar Healthcare Holdings Company Limited Big Three automobile makers" also meant annual styling changes requiring large expenditures.

The dated designs of the Rambler Americans, however, hurt its sales which offset gains from Ambassador sales. There were quality control problems with the introduction of the new full-sized cars, as well as persistent rumors Zodiac Shipping Company Vacancy the company's demise because of their precarious cash flow.

American Motors did not have their own electric car program as did the Big Three, and after some negotiation a contract was drawn in with Gulton Industries to develop a new battery based on lithium and a speed controller designed by Victor Wouk. Chapin Jr. Innovative marketing ideas included making air conditioning standard on all Ambassador models available as a delete option.

This made AMC the first U. Additional operating cash was derived in through the sale of Kelvinator Appliance, once one of the firm's core operating units. The Kelvinator divestiture left AMC a downsized company solely manufacturing automobiles.

The Rambler brand was completely dropped after the model year in North America, although it continued to be used in several overseas markets as either a model or brand name, with the last use in Mexico in

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