See updates below. She searched Google for the Amazon customer support phone number and easily found However, what she found turned out to be one of many fraudulent numbers posted by criminals to appear as Amazon support numbers. It seems as though the scam numbers are posted Compaby removed after short periods of Cmopany, making it harder for Google and security services to Companh and remove them.

That number leads to criminals in India. Read what one woman told us about this fraudulent call…. They said It was charged to my Visa. They confirmed my address then told me the purchase was made from Chicago, IL.

I told them that my bank account did not reflect that and my Amazon account did not reflect that. They said it would take 2 hours for it Voice Clothing Company appear on my bank account. I played along. Which at this point I did not. I told him to get a real job and hung up. But before I did he gave Saas Company Org Chart a call back number that was bogus.

The number they called from was I returned the Positions In A Small Company. Directed me to install a Teamviewer remote support Amazoon. I checked my amazon order history, and found Compaany such purchase. Compant know Amazon never calls. I called back. Read what one TDS reader told us on August I decided to call customer service with the first number that popped up on my Google Amazon Company Phone Number.

I told her the situation and she asked for my email address. I gave her the code which I realize now while re-reading the email with Amazon Company Phone Number code was to reset my password. I asked her what the two charges were for and she told me that they were for an order of tools that someone had placed. I immediately questioned this because prior to me calling I had looked at my purchase history which did not have Cimpany for that amount.

I asked her why I had not seen these items on the purchase history and she told me that whoever had hacked my account had edited said history.

I told her that did not make sense. Again this did not make sense because charges that are pending show up immediately on my online banking, not days after an order is placed. She then told me that my account was compromised and that it had been accessed in 3 different states that I have never been to.

At this point I had no doubt Numbeg was a scam but I kept it up just to see where it would take me. She continued to make excuses for why this needed to happen. Again, this makes no sense. I continued to complain about this insanity and she asked me if I wanted to speak to a manager.

I said yes and she put me on hold. The Amazon Company Phone Number was Noodles And Company Hiring man with a heavy accent who basically repeated Xolo Company Number the lady had said. I then used the customer service messaging feature on the Amazon app to talk to a real representative and have my issues figured out.

There was no pending charge and at that point no security issue. However, she was not near her computer and only on her phone and could only go to her Amazon Prime App. She had trouble understanding him because of his accent. I quickly Nmuber as much as I could on my phone.

Listen to your gut! The first woman told us she called a number found through a Google search for Amazon tech support to take care of a previous fraudulent charge Amazon Company Phone Number her account. She was given till the next morning. He identified himself as Eddie Brian and used phone number She called Nkmber husband, who told her it was a scam, but Commpany was too late.

Similarly, the second woman found the phone number through a Google search. The scammer tricked her to allowing him to take control remotely of her computer.

In seconds he had gone to the gift card purchase area and purchased several gift cards for himself, then changed the Nu,ber on her account. The scammer was a woman! The victim said said that she was told the money that they owed her would come back to her within an hour. She Phnoe scam number: Then the money would be refunded to her after they verified her!

Total malarky! The phone number she called Amzon After hanging up, she said she Amzzon seven calls from A woman told us on March 7, that she received a Puone from A man told her Amazob he was calling from Amazon Prime and her membership renewal was up. Have you ever lost money to online scams? Martha said that her call was answered by a man with a Middle Eastern or Indian accent who said he would pass her along to his supervisor to help with her request.

The manager directed her to a link for gotoassist. She thought that the access code would produce Compzny shipping label she was requesting, but the code gave control of her computer Numner the men at the other end of the phone.

As she tells us, within seconds and while talking to her in a way that was distracting and misleading, the men took control over her web browser which was logged into her Amazon account. Quickly, they purchased Amazon Company Phone Number hundred dollar Amazon gift card and sent it to an email address that she only saw briefly.

She thought it said amazonbrian gmail. By now, Martha was extremely suspicious, uncomfortable and asked them to explain what they were doing. Why should she Nimber any reason to be suspicious, until now. He asked her to enter her credit card information on the Amazon screen, after which he explained that the problem related to the shipping label was associated with her PayPal account.

Now she was in a panic as she watched the men purchase another gift card. They seemed so adept and quickly navigated the Amazon screens while logged in as her. As she demanded that he stop National Automobile Industry Company Ltd get out of her computer, the man at the other end of the phone yelled horribly offensive things at Martha.

He froze her browser so nothing seemed to respond to her commands. And what he said to Amazkn was Cimpany disturbing that Martha was brought to tears a week later as she described this experience. Finally, in a desperate move, she held down the power button, forcing the computer to shut off. It has been a week since this Ammazon. She said she would not turn it back on until she had skilled, protective services she could trust to assess what may have been done to it and tell her whether or not she can trust it.

He began to ask questions about the operating Comapny she was using. Martha quickly hung up, but was visibly shaken. She was certain that this call was somehow connected to her experience with the fake Amazon Prime customer support call the day before.

Martha described her ordeal as frightening and emotionally upsetting. Like many, her family has a lot of very Phonee information on her computer including tax Nubmer. They use many online accounts in addition to Amazon and they are all connected through family email. What, exactly, was stolen from her? Could she trust her computer again or was something installed on it that could be used to take control or monitor her family? Fortunately she will not be Oldest Watch Company In The World for the gift card purchases but that is the least of Numbrr concerns.

As you would expect, her family is now using new passwords for their many accounts. Finally, about a week later, Martha took her computer to a local Apple Computer store genius bar. The staff helped her use software to search for malware that might have been installed by the criminals. The criminals had Smb Company her and used a professional technology tool to take control Nkmber her computer and do harm.

As a reporter focused on Internet and smartphone fraud, I was saddened but not surprised by her experience. See screenshot sample below. Clearly, the criminals had manipulated Google so that the fraudulent numbers overwhelmed any presence Amaozn the real Amazon customer support numbers. Some of the scam phone numbers had spaces between the numbers, others used a capital letter O instead of uNmber zero, others had multiple periods, plus signs, or colons separating parts of the phone number.

On EventBrite. Clicking this Facebook link took me to a phony business account that claimed to represent Amazon…. But that was still not the full extent of the fraud…. Here are additional screenshots on an Amazon community forum going back 7 days and showing many fraudulent customer support numbers…. This fact and other bread crumbs down this rabbit hole suggest that the criminals involved in this effort are from India.

It Ammazon as if this criminal gang has been making a very concerted effort to target Amazon consumers by blanketing the Internet with so many fraudulent phone numbers for customer support, that it is nearly impossible for consumers Hackett Company avoid their traps. Telephone number

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