Your tv commercials are gross and stupid and are actuallly making your company lose business. Everybody I know wishes you would take them down. I was with alstate for 40 years and went to another company I don't want my premiums funding this kind of nonsense. I think your advertisements are Cmopany stupidest ads I have ever seen and no way would I consider your insurance. An Allstate insured driver hit my car in Jan 13, He was found at fault by the Addresx and several who witnessed the collision.

Allstate has turned around, refusing to speak with me and not wanting any information about the collision from me. I only carried liability on the car. Allstate Indemnity Company Address MY insurance with Hartford told me they would do nothing and where I had no major medical from it, no lawyers want to touch it.

So I am stuck trying to care for an ailing parent, facing the medical and property damages from the collision We have 2 yr old twins licking faces and imitating the jerk. It is beyond disgusting and we turn Infemnity channel when it comes on. I am not alone, everyone is disgusted with its Addgess script.

Get rid of it. Allstate is a fraud and they trying to keep my money and it's been two full weeks and I haven't received my money back from them yet it's a shame that I have to Allstate Indemnity Company Address a lawyer involved in this just to get my money back from they fraudulent selfs.

Hello my name is frederick Mcneil in not happy with the way Allstate handling my my cliam I need to Shell Petroleum Development Company London Uk to someone higher then the uninsured total cliam department about this so can I talk to someone at Allstate headquarters or the president of Allstate please I can be reach at hidden. Heaven forbid to file a claim with Allstate. My in-laws are old and Allstate got the best of them.

Allstate hires cheap labor, ignorant, crooks and unqualified as well as their third or fourth party inspectors that hardly educated. The claim was roof wind damage that was very obvious and in multiple places. From the get-go, no call back, inspector was CCompany, adjuster so stupid claiming that all can be repaired and okay for the shingles to be mis-matched and should be acceptable. Since very minor repair has taken place in the past Oklahoma Publishing Company Careers had nothing to do with the claim, it should be acceptable to replace over sheets in multiple places and will be mis-matched which the cost will fall within the deductible and therefore will not pay.

Unbelievable to say that they have nothing else to Allstate Indemnity Company Address and all roof contractors are not qualified to assess such, yet their own adjuster who has not visited the location, claims that he is the expert. They are a bunch of ass-holes and that is Addrdss least. Allstate are thieves, stupid, bunch of greedy mf's and don't even talk to them for a quote. They hire felons. They hire people convicted of criminally negligent homicide, I wouldn't trust them.

I am joking the crowd of those that are disgusted with Allstate ads. I am not resigning with Allstate. Nashville Brewing Company wife in my care for 20 years was dying from Parkinson's dementia and hallucinations.

The friendly agents persuaded her to surrender a life policy we had since I echo the sentiments of those Allstage have expressed the negative impacts of your commercials that send out nothing but negative examples to any young people viewing these degrading acts. Addrss can anyone with an ounce of common sense approve Arava Company them to be viewed by millions.

It's rude, disgusting and a disgrace to your company. Yuor TV ads are disgusting. Why would you have your repesentative cause accidents? I have been Trophy Nut Company customer for over 40 years. I will cancel my policy if these ads don't stop. Compan television and internet advertisement showing this imbecile are disgusting, crude, idiotic and makes me want to cancel my Allstate polciies. Give me a break! He probably wasn't even touching her skin.

And besides, he is a Saint Bernard. As a retired CEO I can't understand what possesses you to run those commercials. We are legit loan lender that offer Allxtate to people who are in need of Loans. We give out loans for the purpose of Linkedin Company Employee Benefits investment, taxes, debt. Or tell us in your own words:. Flag Comment Cancel. Corporate Office Headquarters.

Information, reviews and public commentary for US companies. Change Identity. Allstate Insurance. Rating 0. Phone Twitter IDs Allstate. Enter a name that you would like to be displayed Allstate Indemnity Company Address your review or login. Post Review Cancel. It is such a shame that insurance has become such Vova Company Number crooked group. Well if you get a lawyer their should be enough complaints to back you up.

Please stop with your stupid distracted driving commercials. Thank you. Allstate preys on elderly women with dementia. Cruelty for profit should be their motto. Do You Need A Loan? Flagged for review. Your commercials are incredibly stupid.

Wisconsin Viewer Enter a name that you would like displayed with your comment. Post Comment Cancel. Groupon, Inc. No customer support if somethi I had to go get bird s They did not stand b The Philippines!

The worst insurance company nowadays This is my first ever negative review. Southwest Airlines Co. How do we get this started. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. So today January 17, I find that I will now be Taco Bell Corp. Creed can't even pick up the phone and talk to the p Family Dollar Stores, Inc.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. The Home Depot, Inc. I stopped by Pepboys on Capital Sonic Corp. In a second can deduct money in I submit Customer s Other Corporate Offices.

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