Your trust is our top concernso businesses can't pay to alter Quincy Bioscience Holding Company remove their reviews. Niamh Murphy is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference.

Absolutely horrendous. My husband has called on numerous 5 11 Company Boot to be played like a tennis ball between this company and coach moving USA which was who they brokered it out to both companies are extremely inadequate.

Moving is stressful enough but being promised something you never get is hard!! Yumeng Bian is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. I signed a contract with Alliance Movers in early June for a cross-country moving that would take place starting August 8 with a 2-days window. I emphasized many times that I had a preferred delivery time around August The sales representative told me although I didn't contract for guaranteed delivery, they would very likely accommodate my requirement because I booked early.

Relying on this, I arranged my schedule in August. I called Customer Service. It said it will check the status and get back to me soon. On August 9, I called the Customer Service again. Like the previous day, it said it will get back to me after it checked the status with the truck driver. I waited until the afternoon when a dispatcher told me that the driver would come on August On August 10, no one came.

No one answered because it was a Saturday. I called the sales representative who fortunately transfered the working phonecall to her personal cellphone. A few hours later, the dispatcher called me saying that the driver can pick up my stuff on August My travel plan was heavily interrupted by the unexpected and unexplained delay.

In early August before the moving took place, I called to double-check whether my stuff can arrive in the destination around August Customer Service said it marked my request on the system.

When the driver and mover were here, I checked again and they told me the delivery can be made between August 24 and August On August 20, I called Customer Service again to check the status who told me that my stuff would arrive around August Later when I called again to ask a few details, another Customer Service staff told me that my stuff was still in the original region and would actually arrive 10 to 21 days starting August I was surprised and wanted to know why there is such a change.

The Customer Service staff impatiently told me that it was what I contracted for. But when I looked at the e-document I signed, it Recovery Company Damaged My Car not mention the days of window.

I told the staff that the information was misleading and I relied on the misrepresentation of the sales representative to believe that my stuff will arrive between August 24 and August The Customer Service staff replied with a bad attitude that I signed the contract and that's it. Today is August 28 and I still have no idea when my stuff will arrive. I feel I can't trust whatever they tell me.

I will never work with this moving company United Specialty Insurance Company Trucking. Dennis Lewis is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. We weren't notified of the increase till 2 days prior to delivery. We also ask for a copy of our inventory list and they stated they can't find one.

Nicki Freeze is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Worst experience I've ever had They did not show up on date I needed to leave, had to stay an extra day which caused me to have to drive the 18 hours to my destination straight through. Once they showed up, I had to pay extra for "extra storage space" needed on the truck not sure how the cubic feet needed in the truck and the cubic feet of my storage area differed so greatly.

Ended up costing about 1. We flagged down the truck driver, climbed into the back of the semi and sorted through the items for the 'next delivery'. Several of our items were co-mingled with the next delivery. We grabbed what we could the TV thank Alliance Movers Companythe TV stand and a few small boxesbut when we finally sat down and did the inventory, we were Interior Design Company In Dubai Uae missing several boxes, some small furniture and one major piece of exercise equipment.

Once Young Oil Company realized, we immediately called customer service and called and texted the driver within 30 mins of him leaving our house. We asked them to be on the lookout for at least the exercise machine at the next delivery you would think a pretty obvious item. I also offered to drive wherever they were headed to meet them and grab the rest of our stuff. Fast forward 3. They paid out 60cents per lb. It cost us a lot of money and we still ended up losing items or with damaged goods.

I will never again use any moving company. Ask Dr. Suzanne Hill about the services of Alliance Movers Inc. Suzanne Hill is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference.

Busted up or stolen. Those are your 'choices. Just burn them on the front end, do not even let these people in your Real Estate Consulting Company door, and buy new household goods when you get to your new place. S Cohen is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. This is the worst moving experience that I have ever had. First, on the date of pickup, they did not show.

Alliance Movers Company I called about the no show, they kept transfering and placing me on hold. When I finally spoke with someone she insulted me and called me a liar. I asked for my money to be refunded as this arrangement was not working out, and they refused. They also tell you that the amount quoted is a flat rate. I never agreed to use a moving company in NJ as my storage unit is in the Bronx.

In addition, on the day I called because the movers never showed up, I spoke with Andrew, the dispatch manager. When I told him that I should receive a discount due to the no show, he told me that I cannot receive one. But, I can file a claim with their claims dept to be compensated. Ironically, they also delete the only paperwork you have for the move without notice. I went back to review the contract and clicked my reservation number in my email, and my contract had been removed.

The operators either insult you, place you on hold for internity, or hangup on you. Once they receive the initial deposit, they do not care about you. Then, they throw all blame onto whatever moving company they hire to physically move you. On the 2nd scheduled date, the movers over an hour and a half late.

Thus, they use duress. It is a bait and switch. Ask Kellie about the services of Alliance Movers Inc. Kellie is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Initial salesman was thoroughly convincing Alliance Movers Company, you never speak to that Essential Drinks Company again.

We were moved by Econo Van Lines??? How they came into the picture I'll never understand. The movers primary language was Spanish so, communication was a bit of an issue. They showed very little regard for our items which was very noticed upon their receipt. Scratched, broken legs, dented items They wanted prompt payment but, were sloppy with that too. They lost my postal certified money order and I Alliance Movers Company to send them proof of that. Unbelievable, NOT a company I would ever recommend to anyone!

Norrine Monferrato is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. First off once you sign with them ,you will never get in touch with your original salesman. I know they give you an estimate but beware because estimate will double if not triple. The foreman informs you once the truck is packed and your already late moving he requests a large sum of money to continue or he will unload the truck.

They Alliance Movers Company in a small truck with not enough packing equipment or tapeasked us to go buy the items they needed. They used our moving blankets because they had 2. Okay Alliance Movers Company now we are a day late of moving out. We were supposed to be moved out already, so we are left with no choice but Yamato Shipping Company continue. Guess we have no choiceat this point no one will answer a phone and how long to find another mover and find a hotel.

He promised to weigh the truck before loading onto the other truck and refund us but you know the answer to that. Never happened. Finally truck arrives with our belongings and the crew was very unprofessional in looks and manners.

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