Search for:. Back to Departments. Place all recyclables in the provided cart for single stream collection — no sorting is necessary.

Xys Company 1 through 7. Recyclin can be left on, please rinse all items out completely.

Brownstown Twp. Save money. Save the hassle. Schedule a no hassle, convenient pick up today and begin managing your energy costs. If you have questions about this program, call Allan Recycling Company Click here.

Welcome to Allan Company. Doing good and doing it better!

Any kind of recycling does good. At Allan Company, our goal is to do recycling better. Doing Good means recovering over 1,000,000 tons of material a year so it doesn't go into landfills. Doing Good means investing in the right technology and equipment to ensure maximum recovery of recyclable materials. Doing Good means leaving a better planet for our kids.…