I dare you to ask any watch geek about their favourite timepiece. Can you guess what these names have in common?

They are all Swiss-made watches. People in the watch community respect Swiss watch brands the way beer enthusiasts laud a glass of German brew. But what is it about Swiss watch brands that make them special?

During the s, Geneva was known for its fine jewellery industry. But when John Calvin, a French theologian and reformer in Geneva during the Protestant Reformation, dominated the city, he prohibited All Company Watch from wearing jewellery.

By the end of the century, Switzerland was known for making high-quality watches. Here are 15 high-end Swiss watch brands that every watch collector should know about.

You can expect no less from one of the oldest surviving Swiss watch brands in the world — Blancpain. Its long and rich history started in Villeret, Switzerland, in Here, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain planted the seeds of what would bloom into a centuries-old family business.

He was a school teacher back then, but he predicted a boom in the watchmaking industry. This prompted him to convert his farmhouse into a workshop. He started small by producing parts for pocket watches. Soon, he began making Swiss Ebauche movements until he finally produced complete watches. The company stayed in the family for over years until the Swiss Swatch Group acquired it in Known for: Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms : This is generally accepted as the first modern diving watch. French diving soldiers wore it during the war as requested by Captain Maloubier.

This was after he realised that they needed a timepiece that could survive the depths of the water. If you appreciate not having to wind your watch every now and then, you can thank Breguet for it.

It was in Paris where he started a career in watchmaking. With his knowledge in horology, Breguet instigated a lot of technologies. One such feat is the creation of the first self-winding watch which he called the Perpetuelle.

Throughout history, Breguet has earned its reputation to have a distinguished list of clientele. Although this brand was from Paris, it is now considered one of the best Swiss watch brands since it was acquired by Swatch in Its tonneau case truly makes it unique.

No other movement can measure one-tenth of a second. This is why other Swiss watch brands borrowed their movement to power their own watch models.

One example of this is the Rolex Daytona. Zenith El Primero : It is the first-ever fully integrated, high-frequency, automatic chronograph movement. Based on the winged B logo, you would know that this Swiss luxury brand specialises in aviation watches.

Fueled by his passion for sports and science, he decided to focus on chronographs and timers. When Leon died inhis son Gaston took over the watchmaking business. Not long after, the British Royal Airforce used Breitling for their pilots. Known for: Breitling Navitimer : This watch is very popular among pilots. It is a chronograph with an integrated flight computer.

It became reputable enough to be the timekeeper of Olympic Nearest Abc Supply Company in the All Company Watch. Their passion for motorsports has inspired popular models like the Carrera.

Apart from that, they invented complications like the Pellaton winding system. They named it after two Portuguese merchants who wanted a wristwatch with the precision of a pocket watch. The only way to do this was to produce a larger-than-usual watch. Watch enthusiasts believe that this model started the trend of bigger-sized wristwatches.

Military units like the Royal Flying Corps equipped their soldiers with Omega. Thus, making it the first watch to reach All Company Watch moon. It is also the model associated with James Bond since This watch was the first timepiece to ever land on the moon. But their artistically-designed Rochester Fence Company are worthy to be displayed in a museum. This is because they started out as a jewellery brand.

Both of them were in the business of precious stones. They may not be as popular as a Rolex but its pedigree is as impressive as the other brands listed here. The brand is no stranger to distinctions and awards. Meanwhile, some of their watches won prestigious international awards for their artistic shapes. It has managed to impress a lot of watch geek with its art deco aesthetic and unique shape.

Back inGeorges Edouard Piaget only focused on creating pocket watches. His son took over the business after three decades.

Piaget is famous for being the frontrunners of ultra-thin movements. Its recently-released Altiplano is at 3. Known for: Piaget Altiplano Ultra-Thin : This watch currently holds the title of the thinnest hand-wound watch. Among these brands are Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet. One of their many notable achievements is the The Dotty Dog Company Clock.

Unlike a normal clock, this one uses variations in temperature to keep it ticking. Due to its complicated design, no other brand has come close to replicating it. Known for: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso : In contrary to its All Company Watch appearance, the Reverso was made with polo players in mind. The officers who played the sport often found their watches shattered in-game. As a solution, JLC released a watch whose dial can be flipped to protect it while playing.

They retained All Company Watch dressy design so the officers could still wear it with their uniforms. Its sleek and thin design will fit perfectly underneath a dress shirt cuff. In horology, no other name is as resonant as Rolex. The big R has become popular even outside the watch community.

Some people might even say that bearing the crown logo on your wrist is synonymous with making it in life. Like a prerequisite for considering yourself successful. Take a peek at the wrist of distinguished musicians, actors, or athletes. A lot of them are wearing Rolex. This brand is well-respected for its many inventions and patents. For one, Rolex was the first to produce a waterproof and dustproof wristwatch.

These are only Tcs Company Details of the innovations that the brand has contributed to the watch world. Its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, wanted a brand name that will be easy to remember no matter what language you speak. Rolex Day-Date : This was the first waterproof watch to display both the full day and date function on its dial.

Rolex Daytona : The Daytona was made for racecar drivers. It allows its wearer to measure the elapsed time and average speeds. Blancpain indeed holds the title of the oldest surviving watch brand in the world.

But Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch brand with an uninterrupted history. Throughout the years, this Swiss watch brand has found its way to the wrists of royalties.

Vacheron Constantin has over years of watchmaking history. It has 57 horological complications. Another recent feat is producing a whopping day power reserve. Yes, you read that right. Known for: Vacheron Constantin Patrimony : The Patrimony collection features a minimalistic design inspired by Vacheron Constantin models from the s.

But beyond its looks, its precise movements and complex mechanisms made it deserving for a spot in 333rd Engineer Company holy trinity of Swiss watch brands. This, in turn, liberates the brand. In the early s, the famous Swiss watch brand was on the brink of bankruptcy due to the quartz crisis. This ended when they tapped famous watch designer Gerald Genta. They asked him to create their next masterpiece.

Apart from that, they also made the first skeleton watch. The last puzzle piece that completes the Holy Trinity is Patek Philippe.

It is widely regarded as the finest watchmaker in the world. Due to its quality and precision, many people save up for a Patek to pass on as an heirloom. You merely look after it for the next generation.

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