Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation founded on the 12 May as a single paper mill operation. Through All About Nokia Company 19th century the company expanded, branching into several different X Company Torrent. Inthe Nokia corporation was formed.

However, increased competition and other market forces caused changes in Nokia's business arrangements. InNokia's mobile phone business was sold to Microsoft. The name "Nokia" is derived from the town Nokia and the Nokianvirta River. Inthe mining engineer, Fredrik Idestam established a ground wood pulp mill on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in the town of Tamperein southwestern Finland. Tampere was then part of the Russian Empire. Nokia lies 15 kilometres 9.

The river had better hydropower resources than those at Tampere. In the late s, Mechelin wanted to expand the company into the electricity business. However, Idestam refused. InIdestam retired and Mechelin become the company's chairman. He remained chairman from All About Nokia Company During this time, Mechelin persuaded shareholders to allow the company to enter the electricity business.

His company produced telephonetelegraphand electrical All About Nokia Company. Inafter 16 years as a technical director, Verner Weckman became the president of the Finnish Cable Works company. Weckman was a wrestler and was Finland's first Olympic Gold medallist. This gave the company a foothold for later trade. InNokia Corporation was formed through the merger of the three companies.

Ina cable division of the Nokia group had been formed. Init produced a pulse height analyzer used in nuclear power plants. It operated for the next fifteen years, sometimes at a loss. Nokia researchers were encouraged to develop their own projects. This may have contributed to Nokia's focus on mobile phone technologies.

Its architecture allowed it to be further developed into other switching products. Inthe state sold its shares in Telefenno to Nokia and inthe name was changed to Nokia Telecommunications.

Inthe Israeli multinational company, Check Point which was founded inestablished a partnership with Nokia. Check Point's software was bundled with Nokia's network security tools. Prior to cellular mobile telephony, there was mobile radio telephony. In the s, Nokia had started producing commercial and military mobile radio telephones.

Inthis technology became the first commercially available mobile phone network in Finland and init offered percent coverage in Finland. In Idm Marketing And Sales Company, Nokia and Salora established a joint venture, "Mobira Oy". It became commercially available in InNokia purchased Salora.

In the same year, the "Mobira Talkman", an early portable phone was launched. In comparison to the NMT — network, there was a better signal strength but less coverage. While the Mobira Senator of had weighed 9. The phone, which was considered expensive, became an item indicating a high status. The phone developed the nickname, the "Gorba". Nokia contributed to the development of the GSM 2G.

He used a prototype Nokia GSM phone to make the call. There were at least mobile phone commercial providers in nations or territories. There were 15 mobile phone connections per second and 1. In the s, Nokia's computer division "Nokia Data" produced a series of personal computers called the " MikroMikko ".

MikroMikko 1, was released on 29 September InNokia sold its display products division to ViewSonic. In the late s and early s, however, Nokia corporation experienced financial difficulties. Losses were made in the television manufacturing division. InNokian Footwear was a separate entity. InKairamo committed suicide. From toFinland was in recession. The telecommunications division was stream-lined.

The television and personal computing divisions were sold. He made telecommunications Nokia's sole concern. InNokia launched the Nokia Inthe Nokia handset was launched. In AprilNokia Productions started a mobile movie-making project.

It was approximately 15 minutes long and All About Nokia Company short segments made on phones contributed by the public.

The theme of the movie was "humanity". InNokia reentered the personal computing market. Its product, the Nokia Booklet 3G was a Windows -based netbook. Nokia acquired Smarterphonea company making the Smarterphone OS for "low end" phones and merged it with Series 40 to form the Asha Platformwhich also used some user interface characteristics from Nokia's MeeGo platform.

UntilSymbian was Nokia's main smartphone operating system. The Nokia PureView had a megapixel camera. It was the last phone using the Symbian platform. Nokia with a VGA camera, Bluetooth and expandable memory.

Nokia N73 with 3G and a front camera. Nokia N95 with All About Nokia Company 5-megapixel camera and sliding multimedia keys. Nokia XpressMusicwith a full touchscreen. Nokia PureView with a megapixel camera and a 1. In Aprildifficulties in Nokia's division of network equipment led to restructuring and layoffs. InNokia ceased its mobile phone distribution in Japan. In FebruaryNokia announced that 4, employees would be dismissed. This was to allow its manufacturing centres to move from Europe and Mexico to Asia.

By the end of10, employees had been dismissed. On 22 SeptemberNokia acquired "Sega. On 19 JuneNokia Zenith Car Insurance Company Siemens AG announced the merger of their mobile and fixed-line phone network equipment businesses with equal holdings. In JulyNokia purchased the media sharing service " Twango ".

OZ was a private company with approximately employees. On 5 AugustNokia purchased some of the assets belonging to "Cellity", a privately owned mobile software company. In MarchNokia purchased "Novarra", a mobile web browser firm. Apple's iPhone did not immediately outsell the Nokia smartphones such as the Nokia N However, at the end of the financial year, Nokia's market share had fallen to In earlyNokia released several devices such as the Nokia N97a touchscreen device with a landscape QWERTY slider keyboard that was focused on social networking which received mixed reviews and the Nokia E52 which received positive reviews.

Inthe commercial pressure on Nokia increased. Sales in steadily increased quarter by quarter. MeeGo was a merger of their Linux based Maemo and Moblin projects. The project aimed to create one mobile operating system suitable for many types of device including tablets and smartphones. This was only achieved on the Nokia N9 In FebruaryElop wrote to his employees. He said Nokia was on a "burning platform". Elop said the "war of ecosystems" software ecosystem between iOS and Android was part of Nokia's commercial difficulties.

Elop had worked at Microsoft. Nokia adopted Windows Phone as the operating system on its smartphones and accessed the Bing search engine for its devices. The "Here" Nokia maps software was integrated into Microsoft's "Bing" mapping services.

After the launch, Nokia's share price fell approximately 14 percent [] and Nokia's smartphone sales rapidly decreased. On 26 JanuaryNokia reported its sales of the Lumia smartphones was "well above All About Nokia Company million", [] [] two million sales in the first quarter of the financial year [] and four million sales in the second quarter of the financial year.

In Augustwhile announcing an alliance with GrouponElop identified Google as a competitor.

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Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company, founded in 1865. Nokia's headquarters are in Espoo, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2018, Nokia employed approximately 103,000 people across over 100 countries, did business in more than 130 countries, and reported annual revenues of around €23 billion. Nokia is a public limited company …Founded: 12 May 1865; 154 years ago in Tampere, Finland…

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Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation founded on the 12 May 1865 as a single paper mill operation. Through the 19th century the company expanded, branching into several different products. In 1967, the Nokia corporation was formed.…

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