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Alkaline - Company Lyrics

"Company" lyrics. Alkaline Lyrics "Company" [Chorus:] All mi want right now a just some company Nobody fi stress mi, nobody fi call, call, me Anytime mi horny you can swing the pussy paw me Mi waan you company Fuck mi from time to time, but you don't own me Mi nuh belong to you baby…

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Jul 27, 2017 · The Lyrics for Company by Alkaline have been translated into 2 languages. Mi no check up this evening Vendetta never catch no feelings We might ah deal but we not inna no dealings. Vendetta never catch no feelings, feelings, feelings, feelings Ahh Babyyyyyyy All me want right now ah just some company Nobody fi stress me nobody fi call call meee ...…

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Alkaline - Company by Alkaline Musiq. 4:33. Alkaline - Champion Boy by Alkaline Musiq. ... Clean Oct 2012 by Alkaline Musiq. 2:49. I-OCTANE - SILENT BAD PEOPLE [MAD STEP RIDDIMDj_Frass_Records] by Zojak World Wide Official. ... alkaline-fuck up lyrics (raw) by Dancehall Dictionary. 2:17. Alkaline Outro by Domdon.…