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Kewpie Dolls. Mama Dolls. Mask Face Alexander Doll Company Values. Oriental Dolls. Patsy Type Dolls. Porcelain Collector. From antique to present the Madame Alexander Doll Company was founded in and is still in. Below you will find some of Alexander's markings, patent Alexancer and doll labels that we have found. Alexander doll mark Pat. Alexander Alexander doll mark Wendy Ann Mme.

Alexander New York. All trademarks are respective of their owners and have no affiliation to this website. Alexandeg Categories Alexander Doll Marks.

Alexander doll label four leaf clover in metallic turquoise and silver with company name. Alexander doll mark Jane Withers. Alexander doll co. Alexander doll mark Sonja Henie. Alexander doll mark Tony Alexander Doll Company Values. Alexander doll mark Wendy Ann. Alexander doll mark Wendy Ann Mme.

Alexander Doll Values and Reference Guide

AlexanderDolls.Com is a reference database of Madame Alexander Dolls (Alexander Doll Company). We catalog Madame Alexander Dolls with Name, Years, Size, Estimated High and Low Values, what the doll is made of, doll size, eye type, eye color, hair color, hair type and other information we can find.…

Madame Alexander Dolls for sale eBay

Whether you want to introduce your own daughter to the quality of yesteryear's dolls or you want to relive your own childhood through your very own Madame Alexander doll collection, you should search for the exact Madame Alexander dolls you want on the eBay website.…