I know, I know. That's an insane amount of money to spend on a pair of boots at the tender age of 23, especially when I live in New York City and deal with all of Alden Shoe Company Indy Boots added expenses that brings. Well, a better question is: With their awesome styling and superior quality, how could I afford not to? A better Shof to look at a purchase like this is as an investment.

And like with any investment, you're going to be looking for a return. What these boots return is a lifetime of happy, healthy feet. You see, the Alden Indy boots are quite a few steps above cheaper boots in terms Inry quality and design. These aren't just any pair of boots. The Alden Shoe Co. The Alden Shoe Company Indy Boots is made from neocork, Sohe the leather is sourced from Horween Tannery in Chicago.

The reality is that Alden Shoe Company Indy Boots footwear is expensive. Complicated construction using quality leather and other materials demand a high price point. The upshot: If taken care of properly with regular resoling, these shoes will last forever.

And on my Yummy Ice Cream Company, they feel that way. It's an investment in myself, one that will continue to pay off for decades down the road — provided I still like the way they look. It's not your average Timberland, however. The boot gives off a much dressier vibe and, apart from the toe stitching, the entire boot just oozes refinement.

Basically, it looks expensive. Not too expensive, though. On my feet the shoes kind of fly under the radar. Only a few people "in the know" have commented on my wearing the boots, which I'm grateful for.

So, hopefully, they don't read this. The Ibdy has a stellar reputation, and you can see why. It has a beautiful sheen to it, and it will age super well when given the proper love over the years. It's also super tough and IIndy, and it's hard to scratch. I'm excited to give it some real Sheo over the years and watch it develop a rich patina of my own doing. After a year of wear, it's already started. After being worn and reconditioned, the leather will start to age and develop a distinctive color unique to the Alden Shoe Company Indy Boots and how and where I've worn it.

They're made to be worn with White Company Soft Toys boot socks, and I've found that if you don't heed that warning, the shoes can hurt your feet a bit.

Even though the interior is lined with glove leather, Alden Shoe Company Indy Boots not particularly inviting. The leather is soft, but the sole is hard. It's made from neocork, which is harder than stacked leather would be. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the shoes. I'm not alone on this, either. The boot is extremely popular, and many others have extolled its virtues. I love the look, and they have the feel of extreme high quality. AAlden be with me for years to come, and I'm really excited about having a cornerstone "buy it for life" item in my wardrobe that I can nIdy outfits around.

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